As the start date for fall sports fast approaches, many schools are grappling with not only reopening safely but also beginning fall sports. While there may be risks involved, as long as people are educated and are regularly tested, fall sports should resume. For many, fall sports is their only chance to get a college scholarship, which could be a huge relief for their families, especially during the economic hardships COVID-19 has brought on to many families. Many student-athletes work their entire lives to play collegiate sports, and if they are not recruited they usually do not get to play. Most professional sports leagues and some high schools have been able to successfully return to play with no fans allowed in the stadiums and frequently COVID testing athletes and coaches.  Students should also be given the option to opt-out of playing if they do not feel it is safe to return. By giving players and coaches an option, they do not feel the pressure to return if they do not want to but it also allows those who would like to return and be recruited by colleges the chance to do that.  With these similar precautions in place, high school sports should be able to return to play safely, minimizing the risk of the virus.

-Darian Trabold 


Since the start of the pandemic, most public places have been shut down or limited capacity to prevent the spread of the virus. Even with all these precautions in place, the number of cases has fluctuated, and now, schools are considering starting sports for the year. Schools should refrain from allowing sports to start this year because the risk of the coronavirus is too high for students to get potentially infected by it. Most professional sports leagues have begun their seasons, with multiple precautions in place to protect players and coaches from the virus. With professional sports, they can monitor the spread of the virus better than a high school can. When they play against another team, they are not sure where they came from or if a friend or family has the virus. Sports have the potential to spread the virus rapidly, which would not only affect themselves but potentially could be fatal to those who may be immunocompromised.  All sports have some type of physical contact, whenever it’s a contact sport or with a ball. That would lead to a quick transmission of the virus, making everyone who played sick. Even though most students depend on sports for scholarships or careers to get them to colleges, the risk is too large for them to get themselves or someone else sick. The future is unpredictable and the safety of the community is of the utmost importance. Having sports start could have harmful consequences; schools may be able to start sports in the future, but as of now they should avoid starting them.

-Asia Thompson