Baires Grill, located in Waterway Shoppes of Weston, is an underrated and likely unheard of restaurant to most. The Argentinean Steakhouse contains a wide-ranging menu of options such as empanadas, different types of steaks and a distinctive amount of salad options. The Grill is open from Noon – 10 p.m. on weekdays and Noon- 11 p.m. on weekends, 

 The overall interior design is modern and fitting for a nice evening out. Along with an open layout concept, Baires Grill has a modern indoor decor design that is warm and welcoming to all customers. Baires Grill’s open layout includes COVID precautions and adequately distanced tables positioned 6 feet apart. In addition to the distancing precautions implemented, all employees wear masks and gloves to further ensure the safety of those in the establishment. Despite the pandemic, Baires Grill makes its business COVID-friendly, with delivery options through  Postmates, DoorDash and Uber Eats. Beyond the layout, decor and safety precautions, Baires Grill has a  beautifully designed bar in the back with plenty of chairs to accommodate all party sizes. 

 As for the food itself, the steak wrap was exceptional, filled with tender sliced steak sautéed with onions, rice, mixed greens, avocado and tomato. The chef carefully crafted this dish, enabling every bite to explode with flavor. While the wrap itself was delicious, the side of fries was disappointing. The fries lacked consistency; some were cold and tasted as if they missed the frier completely. Additionally, the fries were way too salty, making them almost inedible. While the meal was phenomenal with a subpar side, the presentation was nothing fancy. The plate was clean and looked nice, but it was evident that a cool and trendy presentation was not their craft.

 As Baires Grill is a fancier restaurant with high-quality ingredients and expensive cuts of meat, it is expected to have a pricier menu. The steak wrap came in at a total of sixteen dollars, which seemed sufficient. Other items that are not as expensive to assemble, such as the grilled cheese, seem overpriced at fourteen dollars. There are a variety of prices, some as low as 4 dollars and some as high as forty dollars. While some items may be overpriced, their wide array of prices makes Baires  Grill accessible to a wide range of customers, those who prefer affordable eats, and those who can splurge on a forty dollar dish. 

 Baires grill has definitely risen to the occasion. The decor was thoroughly thought out and creates a comfortable atmosphere throughout the restaurant. Baires Grill has not let the pandemic be at their detriment; instead,  they pivoted and became available through several ordering platforms, giving a plethora of options to their customers. In addition to the physical environment and extra health precautions, their food was tasty and worth the high price.