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Dating back to its first season airing in 2005, “Greys Anatomy” has brought a series of romance, drama and medicine into the media,  paving its way to becoming one of ABC’s most successful productions. The series begins with the main character, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), as an intern at Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital. The storyline then progresses through the career and personal life of Grey and her fellow coworkers. A typical episode begins with one or two patients either being sick or injured. Then, the doctors work their best with their highly advanced training and technology to treat these patients. Through this element of the show, viewers are able to learn and pick up on various medical terms. The producers pay close attention to medical detail, allowing the audience to not only learn about health and medicine, but to also make the fictional show seem more realistic. In addition to solving said medical cases, viewers see all the characters develop in a few ways. For beginners, Grey and her coworkers begin as interns but work their way up the chain and earn high leadership roles at the hospital. Additionally, their relationships grow as well and there are a variety of couples that emerge through the show. The combination of a high-stress job, an interesting medical component and romance make this show intriguing and a great success. For this reason, “Greys Anatomy” has a massive fan base and 17 successful seasons.