Since some teams have already begun allowing fans to attend NFL games, all teams should have the opportunity to do the same only if they follow coronavirus restrictions. Although coronavirus is far from over, as many events restart fans have been speculating what the new protocols will entail. The NFL has taken the pandemic seriously and is instituting a plethora of new mandates to attempt to ensure the safety of their fans. After a league-wide assessment of COVID-19, various teams have decided that this season they will welcome fans but with restrictions. These NFL teams that have already announced the confirmed presence of fans include the Browns, Dolphins, Colts, Jaguars, Chiefs, and the Cowboys. Although they allow fans, attendance and capacity have decreased substantially. These teams can only fill up to 25% capacity. This is in order to make a separation between attendees easier and allow for social distancing. Several teams have also declared no fans through the entire season and others that are waiting to decide when they will be allowing fans. Even in locations that do not have a jurisdiction requiring people to wear masks, the stadiums will not allow those not wearing one inside. These protocols will be strictly enforced which will ensure the safety of fans, workers and players which will allow eager fans to come to support their teams with minimal risk of contracting the virus. By permitting fans to attend it will also help the players feel like they are in their normal environment. Whereas, teams without fans may perform differently in an unusual environment. If these restrictions are fully enforced and the CDC and state guidelines are followed, then teams can potentially invite an audience to watch them live. 

-Hannah Shulby


Football is the only sport allowing fans to enter the stadium for games this NFL season. The coronavirus is extremely prevalent and is life-threatening to many all around the world. People are told to socially distance from one another constantly, which is enforced by CDC guidelines. Social distancing means staying a minimum of six feet apart from the others around you in order to help prevent the virus from spreading. This could be a huge challenge at a football stadium because typically this location holds thousands of individuals at one time packed closely together. This environment makes social distancing from others close to impossible. Even when stadiums open at a lower capacity than normal, there are still a ton of people there. Allowing fans in this type of environment is a major risk for everyone regardless of age. Also, people are always touching a wide variety of different surfaces at these types of sporting events. This includes chairs, tickets, bathrooms, food counters, and many other things that can be found around the stadium. If one individual who attends a game is carrying the virus and touches anything, this can potentially put everyone else who attends at risk. It would not be physically possible for staff to keep every surface completely sanitized at all times. Also, this could result in everyone having to quarantine for at least two weeks. NFL fans should not be permitted to watch fans live because of the severe consequences that could easily occur.

-Samantha Reichstein