When it comes to helping those in need, the Bay takes initiative through the Students Shaping the World (SHAPE) club. SHAPE strives to hold forth a helping hand to underprivileged children through student volunteering, fundraising and grants. Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, SHAPE Vice President Thiago Lesende said a new online tutoring project is in the works. 

“At the moment, we are focusing on tutoring children,”  Lesende said. “It’s essential to provide children with free tutoring opportunities, considering most can’t afford tutors or receive help from their parents since they do not speak English.” 

Tutoring is done by SHAPE members who filled out a Google form, which specified the subject they want to teach and the languages they speak. After completing this application, members are paired with children from underprivileged elementary schools around Davie that need free tutoring services. Club sponsor and language arts teacher Julie Klitzner, explained the importance of this new project. 

“Free online tutoring will help students and families who can’t afford a tutor to excel in school,” Klitzner said “Tutoring provides members service opportunities, which are scarce during a pandemic.”

Tutoring will occur through calls previously scheduled and approved by the student’s parents to ensure social distancing. Klitzner strives to develop students into responsible, service oriented young adults. 

“SHAPE would like to continue encouraging students to give of themselves out of the goodness of their hearts, not just for service hours,” Klitzner said. “It is very important to introduce service and philanthropy concepts to young people.”