Chopsticks is a sushi and Thai fusion restaurant new to South Florida—located in Coral Springs, 25 minutes away from Weston. This restaurant offers a few quick and easy methods to take out and pick up via their speedy service and delivery options. Chopsticks is available on Uber Eats, Door Dash, and other delivery services, which is highly convenient to customers, especially during this unprecedented time of living among COVID-19. 

The restaurant has one menu with various options for people to choose from, with many different food styles on their one menu inspired by many Asian cultures, such as sushi, Thai, and even a combo of the two, sushi-Thai fusion. In addition to their sushi and Thai foods, they also have dishes representing Chinese and Japanese culture, such as Chicken Teriyaki, Bento Boxes, and Miso Soup. 

The restaurant is small in space and has dim lighting. Chopsticks has a quaint ambiance. The restaurant has booths and a few tables in the middle. The booths are cozy and create a comfortable atmosphere. Chopsticks looked like a clean and friendly restaurant. Their menu includes the prices and pictures of some of the food, but the menu’s font is small, making it difficult to read in the dark lighting. There were pretty lights as well as flowers decorating the restaurant. It was decently priced and was not crowded, which is relieving due to the pandemic. They supply coupons online, which is highly beneficial. The coupon permits one free roll, which would drive customers into the store. 

The food has a fresh taste to it. The California roll, Dragon roll, and shrimp dumplings were terrific. Their sushi was fresh and prepared well. Their portion sizes are relatively large, and the prices were not too high; one can get a lot of food for what they pay. Their rolls were aesthetically pleasing to look at, the individual pieces were the perfect size and did not fall apart. It is clear that the chef has experience in making rolls.

The service is impressively quick with a wait time of about 15 minutes. Their fast service is great for customers who want a meal on the go. The staff was prompt and responsive to orders and made ordering here easy. When arriving at the restaurant, the waitress was extremely assistive in figuring out what to order and was exceptional at meeting needs. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful in providing suggestions on what to order. 

Chopsticks has excellent food, ambiance and decorations. Eating here was delightful, and the food was delicious. The restaurant has many attributes that made the experience positive, like fast service. Chopsticks also has an extensive menu with many options and a friendly atmosphere. The staff was kind and helpful. This restaurant has a vast menu, amazing food, fun atmosphere and friendly staff. Dining at Chopsticks was a positive experience; the food did not disappoint.