Freshman Julia Poms has dreamed about being on the Broadway stage since she was 4 years old. While being a Broadway actress/actor is highly competitive, Poms said that in order to succeed she needs to start now. Poms has been attending ‘Broadway Kids’ since she was 5 preparing for her future.

“I was five years old and I never knew something could change my life so drastically,” said Poms. “The first time I went on stage I was six and I sang “who says” by Selena Gomez and ever since then, I knew this is where I was meant to be”.

Poms said that she was highly influenced by her family as her mom’s side of the family have had jobs, careers, and passions in the music and theater industry all their lives. Poms’s mother signed her up at age 5, and ever since then, Poms has had roles and experiences she will never forget.

“My favorite role I have ever played is probably when I was Winfred in Once Upon a Mattress,” said Poms. “It was a super fun experience and I learned so many things that made me a better actress because of it”. 

Poms said that she has her most fun when she’s on stage and that she has grown strong connections with the people that also go there, she said they are like one big family. They are all working towards the same goal and they help each other through their own journeys.

“There are a couple friends that I have that go there that have been going with me since I first started,” said Poms. “Some of my favorite moments can be traced back to before we go onstage or after the curtain falls.

Poms said she has always felt a special connection to theater and music and that she feels as though the stage is her home and she wouldn’t know what she would be doing without it. 

“When I’m on the stage I feel so liberated and like I can do anything,” said Poms. “When I am on stage I feel free and all my stress and thoughts are gone, nothing matters in that moment besides performing”.

Poms said that like any job, you don’t start at the top, you start at the bottom and work your way up to the lead role. Even though Poms may not always get the part she wants, she understands that every role can be a unique learning experience and that she will have to work for the part she wishes to get. 

“There are some roles that I get and I’m not as excited for,” said Poms. “A big part about theater is that in order to seem genuine, it is important to connect to your role. Sometimes it takes me a couple of weeks in order for me to finally understand the character and connect to them” 

Poms said like in most cases, there will always be something that you are better at than others, and when she gets a role that she is excited about, it makes her just that more excited to be on the stage.

“I enjoy being an energetic character. It is easier for me to do that type of character because I consider myself an energetic person,” said Poms. “I also like playing characters with dreams and a happy persona because it makes it that much more fun for me as the actress while on stage”.

Poms said that she has definitely seen the ups and downs of theater, she has never lost her inspiration to keep pursuing her dreams. 

“There have definitely been times where I think I’m not a good singer anymore and I should just give up or I can’t act and I shouldn’t try anymore,” said Poms. “ Right away I always remind myself why I started in the first place and that I belong here. I know there are going to be good and bad days but I have always pushed through them”.

Poms said that most actresses and actors have their own way of getting into character, one of the most important things for them is to be able to connect and portray the character as best as they can. 

“To get into character, I usually read the whole script through and try to figure out where their place is in the story,” said Poms. “ Once I get the feel of how this character should be portrayed, I like to read over the script again and try to add my own flavor on it”.

Poms said that most actors and actresses will always have their dream role in mind of who they would want to play, and it is not uncommon for her to romanticize their future, especially when It comes to theater, there are many resources to go looking for jobs and roles as most plays are recorded and are on youtube.

 “My dream role would be to play Elphaba in Wicked,” said Poms. “It has been my dream since I was a little girl and my idol, Idina Menzel, was the original Elphaba so it would be amazing to play a character that she has played before”.

Poms said that just in case her dreams do not play in her favor, she is well prepared with a back-up plan. Poms is prepared to try to inspire the generation after her with her own studio.

“My ultimate goal is to be on Broadway, but if that doesn’t work out I would love to have my own studio to teach kids that have the same passion as me,” said Poms. “Even if I do make it onto Broadway, maybe after I retire from performing I’ll still open up my own Studio”.