News/Sports Copy Editor

The Bay’s Feminism Club has begun the school year by discussing topics important to its purpose and hosting activities through virtual meetings. Vice President and senior Andrea Sojo said the club had started the year by learning about feminism regarding education and opening up discussions to further develop opinions on the feminist movement. 

“This topic [of women in politics] was suggested by a member of the club and was completed since it is relevant to share our ideas and opinions on politics since we are in a time of elections for the presidency and women are usually overlooked in politics,” Sojo said. “Therefore, the board of the club decided to create a free space for the members to discuss the controversial subjects on politics that may involve sexism and unfairness to the presidential candidates.”  

Jennifer Ferrer, American Sign Language teacher and club advisor, said this club is important because it provides an opportunity for individuals to have an open environment to express their thoughts and support one another. Ferrer said that women need to stand up and fight for their lives, and welcomes anyone to join to get a glimpse of what Feminism is all about.

“The officers have brought up several ladies that are well known for their movements or rights and discuss it [with members],” Ferrer said. “It’s wonderful to learn about specific women that we all didn’t know and learn more about movements and our rights.

Sojo said the purpose of the club is to impact students by demonstrating how the world should not be divided by gender nor race but rather focus on what makes individuals part of the human race. She said by creating engaging meetings, the club hopes to provide students with a brief time to evolve their opinions while learning and sharing with the other members and officers. 

“The club is intended to show information that is overlooked about how women and feminists have contributed to today’s society and how society indirectly may produce unfair conditions according to one’s gender or race,” Sojo said. “The members have the opportunity to understand better the necessity of feminism and how we would contribute to such advocacy for equality in our everyday actions.”