As the end of the cross-country season approaches, athletes at the Bay prepare to face their last match on Dec.12 at the Tri-County Championship in Palm Beach. This tournament marks the end of an unprecedented season for athletes at the Bay, in which new measurements were implemented to maintain social distancing and try to avoid contracting COVID-19. Senior Julian Gadomski said he trusted the measures taken by the athletic department at the Bay. 

“I had a little concern, being an asthmatic myself I don’t like the idea of getting sick,” Gadomski said. “At the same time, however, it’s not likely we will [ get infected] with the precautions we take and the team’s age group and health.”

Amidst the pandemic, Coach Joseph Monks provided opportunities for athlete fitness through cross country training pods. Monks said that his athletes adapted well to the pandemic circumstances for a successful season. 

“I am very proud of the way my boys’ team took ownership of their goals for the season by following the cross country macrocycle of training I created in June,” Monks said. “We have met our goals for cross country in qualifying for the Tri-County Championship meet as the teams worked hard amidst these pandemic times.”

As a coach, Monks said he encourages athletes to stay fit amidst the pandemic as one of the fundamental elements for success. He said it’s just a matter of adapting and working hard virtually. 

“Come to practice when scheduled, take ownership, and run or train on your own to stay fit and healthy.” Monks said. 

With the end of the cross country season, athletes prepare for the upcoming track season. Freshman mid-distance runner, Cameron Crawford said she has set her goals for the new track season. 

“I am hoping to get my 800-meter time down to two minutes and 25 seconds. This will be hard for me but I will keep working towards my goal,” Crawford said. “The feeling of reaching my goal makes it worth the struggle.”

Gadomski said he is working to have the best season possible since it is his senior year. He said he is competing to the best of his abilities to remain on the varsity team.

“I have been in varsity all for all of my high school life so far, however, we have a lot of competitive sophomores and juniors,” Gadomski said. “If I can manage my final year and remain among the top spots, I will have my 4 years of training to thank for it on top of four years of achievement.”

Looking forward to the opportunities the new season provides, Monks said he can’t wait to work with his athletes. He said that he loves his high school teams because they keep him moving with their invigorating energy. 

“I look forward to determining my athlete’s strength for a certain event be it the 800m, hurdles, or throws,” Monks said.” I love it when I discover that  my team connects with each other and develops  the cohesiveness of a cross country or track family unit that encourages each other to strive for greatness.”