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For Junior Constanza Ardiles, singing and composing music have always been her biggest passions, and she dreams of one day being able to produce her own pieces. Ardiles said that music is more than just the notes one hears; but it is also a form of expression and creativity that is individualized into each person’s own unique style. 

“Music has taken over my life, but in a good way,” Ardiles said. “I can remember singing from a young age, and although I never thought that I might be capable of turning music into a career, now, I can only see myself  pursuing a career in the music field.”

Ardiles has been able to perform at various events from her singing school, Vocal Roads, and although Covid-19 has had an impact on performance events, Ardiles still has plans to further her exposure and sing to an audience. Ardiles said that she is thinking of starting to sing on her social media accounts, and she has begun composing more music to share online. 

“These past few months, with more time on my hands, I have been able to take my music to the next level and begin working on projects I have always wanted to focus on,” Ardiles said. “I have always been told I had great potential and now it feels exciting to actually put together a few songs and see improvement, even though there are many things I still want to learn,”

Ardiles is currently taking AICE Music Theory and although she has taken Chorus in the past, this is her first time taking a music class focused on composing music. Ardiles said that the amount of knowledge she has gained through the course has helped her immensely. She said she enjoys having a class in which she can focus on improving her own work and learning new styles of music she would not have normally thought of practicing. 

“The class has brought out both the best and worst of me,” Ardiles said. “Music theory is my favorite class. However, there are times when my assignments are not going the way I wanted them to, and it can become tricky when dealing with creative software.”

Ardiles’ father, Julio Ardiles, is also a musician and has learned to play the guitar. He said he always loves to hear his daughter sing and is delighted that she is further pursuing a career in music. 

“I am excited to see what the future brings for my daughter and I am confident her skills will bring her a successful career in music,” Julio Ardiles said. 

Ardiles’ friend, junior Ian Jimenez, has had the opportunity to hear her sing at concerts and classes from her singing academy. He said he enjoys hearing her sing, and he hopes that she will one day reach her dreams as a professional singer. 

“Her voice is too good to be wasted, and she has so much potential as an artist and song producer,” Jimenez said. “Every time I hear her sing, I am amazed.” 

Julio Ardiles has been taking Ardiles to music classes since she was young and he has now given her the opportunity to work with his brother who is a professional musician, composer and orchestra director. He said his daughter is currently taking piano, singing, violin and guitar classes but plans to learn to master more instruments in the future. 

“I have seen her spend hours learning to play new instruments, and I can tell she has such a large passion for music like no other,” Julio Ardiles said. 

Jimenez has also heard Ardiles sing at gatherings and has even gotten to hear her own versions of songs and original pieces. He said that her style of music and signing is unique and she should work to further produce her own pieces. 

“I have always wanted her to start her own YouTube account and post her own original songs and covers of other songs,” Jimenez said. “Now that she is working on it, I am excited to see what the future brings, and I hope her career as a musician continues to grow and grow.”