On June 25, 2004, the romantic and tear-jerking movie based on the Nicholas Sparks book, The Notebook, hit theaters. The Notebook focuses on a wealthy city girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) and poor country boy Noah (Ryan Gosling). They inevitably fall in love over the summer of 1940 even though it was strictly forbidden by Allie’s family, forcing them to separate for 7 years. The movie follows their love story over the span of 60 years, from when they were 17 until death. Although their passionate love is beautiful, the film does not glorify every aspect of their relationship. Noah and Allie often disagree, causing conflict between them, even though they are still in love. Noah and Allie go through heartache, loss, and separation, but their love is what keeps them together. The Notebook is extremely different from other romance movies in the way that it isn’t a cookie-cutter love story where everything is flawless. This unique take on a romance story destroys the stereotypical “perfect love” that romance movies typically portray, enabling the audience to relate to the storyline. The Notebook’s storyline will take viewers on a roller coaster of emotions as many creative twists keep the audience engaged while also making them attached to the film.  It allows viewers to feel everything from joy, sadness, and even jealousy of Noah and Allie for what they have. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did a wonderful job of portraying a couple who were so in love that they fought for each other for several years. The Notebook is a magical movie that will make viewers wish they were Noah and Allie.