The Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL) are currently positioned to make the playoffs at a record of eight wins and four losses with four games to go. They have two routes of making the playoffs, one of them being the wild card which is the most likely scenario, but also a chance of winning their AFC East division while being back only one game to the Buffalo Bills. Although the rest of their schedule is tough, they will make it into the playoffs.

The easiest way for the Dolphins to make the playoffs is winning their next four games which would give them their first playoff berth since 2016 along with their first division win since 2008. This seems unlikely, as the Dolphins have a very challenging schedule up ahead where they play the division leading Bills, Super Bowl champion Chiefs, and two teams still in the wildcard hunt being the Raiders and Patriots.

The most likely scenario in order for the Miami Dolphins to make the wild card is for the team to win two of their next four games in order to achieve a ten win season which almost guarantees at least a wild card spot. Their best chance at winning the division, on the other hand, would most likely need them to win three of the next four games, including their week 17 matchup against the Bills, and hope Buffalo just loses one of their next three, not including Miami.

The Miami Dolphins will make the playoffs, and their quarterback Tua Tagovailoa gives them the chance to achieve this, even with a difficult schedule up ahead. Since they are 8-4, they are in control of their own destiny, with two or three wins almost securing a spot in the seven team NFL playoff, and the ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl.





The Miami Dolphins have come a long way in their return to being a playoff caliber team. They have overcome injuries, Covid opt-outs and much more to become a successful team once again. Most of their offensive weapons such as Devante Parker, Preston Williams and Myles Gaskin have been out for multiple weeks during some point this season. Despite all this, the Dolphins have managed to have a 8-5 record going into week 15. Even though they have had success this season, the Dolphins will not make the playoffs this year. 

As it is now, the Dolphins would get into the playoffs as the 7th seed in the AFC. They still have three games remaining against the New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders and Buffalo Bills. The Baltimore Ravens are just one game back of the Dolphins for the final wild card spot. If the Dolphins win the rest of their games, they would guarantee a playoff spot. However, if they lose a game or two, there is a good chance that the Ravens would overtake them considering their remaining schedule is much easier than that of the Dolphins. Rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa does not look ready at all to handle clutch games at the end of the season. While he has shown flashes of brilliance, Tagovailoa proves time and again that he can not be trusted to close out a football game. Without a reliable quarterback leading the team, along with a tough final schedule, it seems unlikely that the Miami Dolphins make the playoffs this season.