What made you want to go to Vanderbilt? 

I chose Vanderbilt because of its collaborative nature. Everyone here wants you to succeed and work together towards a common goal. I am so appreciative of all of the amazing friends, mentors, and peers who have helped me along the way

What is your main focus right now, with COVID-19? 

With COVID19, I think it‘s so important to take care of yourself and then those around you. Everyone is going through something from this pandemic. It is so important to always be kind, check up on your friends, and have some extra time for yourself so you can practice selfcare

Why did you choose an out of state school? 

I chose an out of state school because of the merit and financial based aid Vanderbilt gives us which is truly amazing. I am so grateful they make going out of state possible for so many reasons.

How did you feel going to a totally different place than where you grew up for school? 

Living in Tennessee has been both challenging and rewarding. Outside of Nashville, there are people who live on farms, are extremely religious, and choose completely different lifestyles than us. As a proud Jewish student, I never expected to meet people who had stereotypes about Jews, never had met Jewish people, or understood many of my cultures. However, this has made me stronger and even prouder in my Jewish identity. I have so many friends who are from Tennessee and the Deep South, and we learn from each others experiences

Do you prefer college to highschool? Why or why not? 

I prefer college! I love learning and the courses are so cool! I am graduating with three majors and two minors and take a full course load every semester. My majors are economics, history and anthropology. My minors are business and environmental studies

What are your favorite things about college? 

In college, I love hiking, going to coffee shops, listening to country music and doing something scary every single day

What’s different about college life before and after COVID-19? 

COVID19 has presented many challenges, but in a lot of ways, it has made me really appreciate my senior year. With no concrete plans due to the pandemic, I find myself making the most of each day and doing spontaneous things. I have been cliff jumping, venturing outside to waterfalls, creating outdoor book clubs, organizing socially distanced picnics, and reading. My motto is: make this year different, not less.