By: Isabella Toro


Sophomore Samantha Ulloa makes sure to carry around her wallet to buy food. She buys lunch and gets snacks from the vending machines, therefore, Ulloa’s wallet is a necessity to her. She said her wallet helps for when she doesn’t have money left in her account. 

“I could never leave the house without my wallet,” Ulloa said. “My wallet is so important to me because without it, I would be really hungry throughout the day.” 

Ulloa brings a pencil case with a variety of different pens and pencils. She said people always ask her to borrow her pens and pencils and she loses them all the time, so her pencil case helps her keep them stored. Ulloa’s pencil case consists of over 20 different pens and pencils.

“I lose everything so it is important to have multiple pens and pencils,” Ulloa stated. “Keeping everything in my pencil case makes it easy for me to find everything and have it all in one place.” 





Ulloa also carries around her agenda for the reminders it offers. An agenda is important for Ulloa as she said it keeps her organized. She said she often gets confused with due dates if she does not write them down.

“I always have my agenda so I can write down homework and upcoming tests,” Ulloa said. “There was this one time I didn’t know I had a test because I didn’t write it down in my agenda, so without it I would never know when my tests are.” 




Ulloa always brings her water bottle everywhere she goes. She carries around a Hydro Flask, as it keeps her water cold for a long period of time. Hydration is vital to remain healthy, so she al

ways makes sure to bring her water bottle with her. 

“I bring my water bottle since Florida is very hot and I do not want to get dehydrated,” Ulloa said. “Living in this state requires so much hydration due to the temperature.”

Having a study notebook in her bag gives Ulloa an opportunity to study what she is taught in between classes and lunch. She said as long as she has her study notebook she can get through any test or quiz before class starts. 

“I use it to write down important concepts to study for all my subjects,” Ulloa said. “It helps me refresh my memory before I take any quiz or test I have to take.”