Sophomore Lucy Bonolo-Cohen makes sure to carry her sketchbook, from France, when she goes to school. She carries the sketchbook around with her on campus so she can sketch whenever she gets a new idea. She said she enjoys sketching during lunch and carrying her sketchbook allows her to doodle whenever inspiration strikes. 

“I would never leave my house without my sketchbook,” Bonolo-Cohen said. “It is a significant item to carry for me because I have a passion for art and drawing.”

Bonolo-Cohen said she sketches a lot and; therefore, always has her line-art pen that she got from Taiwan with her at school. She said it is one of the first pens she decided to use when she immersed herself in drawing. She said she prefers this pen over many others as it glides smoothly on the paper due to the unique structure of the ballpoint, which she said makes her sketching more efficient.

“I like the way this pen makes my sketches look,” Bonolo-Cohen said. “I prefer it over many others because it makes my sketches look defined.”

Bonolo-Cohen also carries Chinese meditation balls with her during school. She said the meditation balls allow her to keep a cool composure during stressful events when she is in school. Bonolo-Cohen said that the Chinese meditation balls have helped her primarily when she was anxious over a test or a quiz.

“I carry them so I can stay stress-free throughout the day during school,” Bonolo-Cohen said. “They are important to me because I feel like I would not be able to get through a test or quiz without them.”

Bonolo-Cohen said she brings meditation crystals with her to school. She said each crystal serves unique purposes and that she brings specific crystals with her, like jade when she believes she needs more luck on a task she wants to succeed in. Bonolo-Cohen said the crystals are small and do not occupy much space in her bag.

“The crystals I have a variety of uses, so if I need luck, I would carry a jade or a tiger’s eye crystal,” said Bonolo-Cohen. “They are a necessity because they help me when I am in need of something, such as luck and it’s just my superstition that these crystals help me.”

Bonolo-Cohen said she attaches pins to her backpack for decoration. She said she collects pins of her favorite cartoon characters because she likes to make her backpack look appealing. She said she has a Squidward, SpongeBob and a Queen of Hearts pin.

“I find pins of memes so funny and love Disney, so I like carrying them and having them on my backpack,” Bonolo-Cohen said. “They are important to me because I enjoy personalizing and making my possessions like my school bag look pretty.”