The Bay’s wrestling team season started this past December and have already competed in a total of 10 tournaments. The team has also competed in the Broward County Wrestling Tournament and won second place. Physical education teacher and wrestling coach Allen Held said he predicts the team will be one of the best teams in the state as a result of being previously ranked as one of the Top 10 teams in the state. 

“Our team was ranked first in Broward County last year so I have high expectations for the team this upcoming season,” Held said.

All Broward county wrestling seasons were delayed until January by the Broward County Athletics Association (BCAA). Junior and wrestler Jack Spurlock said the pandemic also cut their season short along with the number of tournaments they are allowed to compete in. 

“This season feels a little odd and unorthodox because we have half the amount of tournaments we usually do,” Spurlock said. “No matter what though, our team will prevail and give our best performance possible.”

Senior and wrestler Justin Jensen said once practices began, there were many protocols related to COVID-19 that the athletes had to follow. For example, Jensen said, it is a requirement for the wrestlers to wear a mask at all times with the exception of when they are wrestling.

“I think this season, all the wrestlers did the best they could do considering the fact we are still in the middle of a pandemic,” Jensen said. “We trained and worked hard and it paid off in the end.”

Practices started a little before the season began with the athletes practicing with the USA wrestling club. Spurlock said each day, the wrestlers train for an hour and a half to two hours to ensure they have a great season.

“We have just been trying over the past few months to train as much as we can to stay in the best shape possible for the upcoming season,” Spurlock said. 

Spurlock said the team made it all the way to the State Dual Team Tournament but lost against South Dade High School. Subsequently, the Individual District Tournament also took place where many Bad Bay wrestlers placed. 

“Pre-COVID, I anticipated the season to go a completely different way since it’s my last year wrestling in high school,” Spurlock said. “I’m honestly just grateful to be wrestling and I think the team will give it their best despite all of the COVID-19 protocols.”