Mu Alpha Theta (MAO) is a mathematics honor society at the Bay that is responsible for after-school math tutoring. Junior and former competition head Vishal Suresh said anyone can join and help the club help other students in their studies when it comes to academic mathematics.

“My favorite part of the program is that anyone can join, even if you don’t think that you’re amazing at math,” Suresh said. “I also like the tutoring the club offers, as it helps a lot of people understand the topics they’re learning in their math class.

The club has had to make sacrifices because of COVID-19, but club members are still able to serve other students when it comes to mathematics because meetings and events have been moved to an online platform.

“MAO has been pretty good at dealing with COVID-19,” Suresh said. “All their meetings are online, so there is no risk of the disease spreading, [and] they’ve also been discussing how to move math tutoring onto an online platform.”

AP Calculus and AP Computer Science Principles teacher and co-club adviser Ari Novick said the club is still as close as ever, even during the lockdowns. He said he has been connecting with members in more ways than just online and he said this shows the club’s ability to keep a family-like dynamic.

“We had that event at the park where 40 current students showed up and 40 past students showed up, [and] that felt like an amazing accomplishment just because it’s a testament to what a close-knit community Cypress MAO can be for some,” Novick said. “Cypress MAO provides after-school tutoring at Cypress Bay and Falcon Cove, is a group of like-minded people having fun together and competes in state and national competitions.