On April 14, Photo Club hosted its annual Artography Expo, in which artists at the Bay had the opportunity to display their artwork. Creative Photography, Art Design teacher and club adviser Elizabeth Jenkins said the expo was an essential occasion for promoting student artwork amidst the pandemic. 

“It is so important to get students involved, especially in a year where everything is so different,” Jenkins said. “Hopefully, students who participate will grow a connection with other artists that will encourage and inspire them to try new things.” 

In accordance with social distancing measures, the event was hosted virtually through Microsoft Teams. Despite this, senior and President Paige Yam said the expo was still a great opportunity for artists to share their favorite works.

“Showcasing works is very important for artists,” Yam said. “It’s always such a good feeling to showcase work you are proud of.”

Jenkins said the expo not only promoted the arts but also taught students indispensable life skills. She said these include professionalism, following tasks and presenting. 

“Learning to present themselves and their work will help students in any career they pursue,” Jenkins said. 

In addition to serving as a platform for collaboration, the expo allowed artists to win prizes in multiple fine art categories including photography, drawing, painting and sculpture. Looking back on her own experiences, Yam said she hopes the expo will continue to foster other students’ artistic interests.  

“Last year, I had the honor to win first place, which made me even more confident with my work,” Yam said, “I hope the expo will bring more attention to art classes like Creative [Photography].”