The University of Indiana is a public university located in Bloomington, Indiana with more than 40,000 enrolled students. 2020 graduate, alumni Ben Schiller, is currently a freshman at the university. She spoke to The Circuit’s Summer Kauffman.

Undergraduate enrollment: 33,084

ACT composite: 31

Percent of applicants admitted: 77.9%

SAT composite: 1350

Tuition estimate for on campus: In-state is $10,947 Out-of-state 36,512

What made you want to attend Indiana?

After I got into the Kelley school business I kind of just decided that this is probably where I should go. Kelley is known for being a great business school. I saw getting in as an amazing opportunity to get the most out of my education at my college. Though I was still waiting for other schools, I decided to take Kelley because it seemed like the best option due to its academic focuses and standards. 

What is your main focus right now, with COVID-19?

My main focus right now with COVID-19 going on is to make sure I stay on top of all my classes. It can be difficult to stay on track with school when you’re not in person and as engaged as you would be without Covid. Most of my classes are online still and it’s a lot harder than being in person in my opinion because of the at-home everyday distractions. 

Why did you choose an out of state school?

A lot of kids from my high school and Florida in general were going to schools like FSU and UF so I wanted to go somewhere where I wouldn’t know a lot of people and could have another start. I didn’t want to continue on with the same people I went to preschool, elementary school, middle school and some even in high school. I wanted an opportunity to expand my horizons and meet new people.

How did you feel moving to a totally different place than where you grew up for school?

I was nervous at first but after the first few days once I started meeting people it got a lot better. From there on it’s gotten better and better. Once I had a familiar face or two around campus it made this foreign place, to me, feel more familiar.

Do you prefer college over highschool? Why or why not?

I prefer college to high school because I feel like there’s a lot more freedom in terms of academics. For example, with the way the classes are set up you have a lot more work to do on your own time and can balance that allowing you to be able to do more things that you want. It can be hard to keep track of all of my classes, but being able to know that I am responsible for my learning makes it feel like I can do anything school-wise.I applied to in state and out of state schools, though I’ve always had an idea of wanting to go out of state. I was leaning towards an out of state school so that I could widen my perspective from Florida. I just thought this was the right decision for me to meet new people and see new things. One of my favorite things about college is having no bedtime. Having no set schedule has been great, I like being able to make my own schedule and have my own independence. It feels nice to know that I can make plans without having to be back at a certain hour. Also, having my own independence feels great too because it gives me a chance to prepare for adulthood.

What is your major(s) and minor(s)?

My current major is finance with a co-major in law ethics and decision making. 

Why did you choose these major(s) and minor(s)?

I chose finance as a major because I thought it was a pretty broad business major. I chose the co-major of law ethics and decision-making because, as of now, I ultimately want to go to law school. I find law a fascinating subject because it allows you to develop a variety of life schools that are very useful. For example, decision making.