• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 24, 2020

Senior Sherrell Buckley

How did you get in to golf?

My dad used to play golf and I used to go on the course just to watch him and then one day he bought me a pair of clubs and told me to start playing.

What attracts you to the sport?

The sport really is a mental game and you have to push yourself to be better, so I kind of like that aspect of it.

How do you prepare during the off-season?

During the off season I like to practice at least 3 hours a day, whether it’s playing or just chipping and putting.

What do you do off the course to help your game?

Golf is really a mental game so if you kind of visualize yourself playing and visualize yourself scoring well, it kind of helps you. You have to build up your confidence to play golf.

How do you prepare yourself on the day of the match?

I try to always be mentally prepared to play but on the day of a match I try to keep to myself during school. Listening to music really helps me get focused.

What is your biggest accomplishment in the sport?

I would say shooting my lowest score which was a 75, but that was during the off-season. During the season I would say going to states last year was my biggest accomplishment.

What are your goals for the future?

I hope that our team will beat St. Thomas and we will place first at districts and regionals and go to states.


Senior Michael Heda

What do you do to prepare for a tournament?

I practice every day for a couple hours a day and usually listen to music right before.

What is your favorite aspect of golf?

The fact that I’m not actually competing against other people so I can root for my friends and hang out with them. It doesn’t get too competitive.

What is your favorite golf memory or experience?

My first hole-in-one. It’s the only one I ever got, and I got it last year in August during a tournament.

Do you plan to play golf in college?

Yes, I’m committed to play at George Washington University.

What inspired you to play golf and how long have you been playing?

My dad started golf a few years before I was born and as he was learning he took me on the course with him and helped me learn, too. I’ve been playing since I was 8.

What are some of your strengths?

I’m good mentally. I don’t get angry like some people do, and I don’t get too emotional on the course, which is good. I’m also pretty consistent.

What are some of your weaknesses?

My irons aren’t that good. I don’t hit the ball too close to the hole that much.

What do you consider the hardest thing about golf?

Patience, and the mental part of the game. You can’t get too angry when you do badly, and you can’t get too excited when you do well.