Dive in to get to know the volleyball girls


Junior Becca Marcus

What are some of your pregame rituals?

I listen to upbeat music to get excited and in the zone before games.

Who is your role model?

Misty May Treanor because she is such an amazing player. And I aspire to be as good as her someday.

Why did you choose to play volleyball?

I decided to play volleyball because my sister had played and it seemed like a really exciting sport.

Does the team have any unique bonding methods?

On weekends, the team has pool parties or movie nights in order to bond. Bonding helps the team communicate better in games.

How has volleyball affected your life?

Volleyball has made me a better-rounded person. Even though it takes up a lot of my free time, it’s worth every second because I absolutely love when playing and I have made so many incredible friends.

-Zack Lender

Copy Editor


Junior Ariela Slutsky

What are your pre-game rituals?

Before I play, I have to listen to my iPod to get pumped and ready to play.

What position do you enjoy to play most and why?

Right now I’m an outside hitter, but I was a setter for two years. I love playing outside because of the thrill I get when I get a good kill. But setting is also really fun.  I don’t really have a favorite position. As long as I am on the court, I’m happy.

Do you plan to play competitively in college?

Yes, I am interested in continuing after high school. I will play wherever I end up going to school.

What do you enjoy most about the game?

My favorite part of the game is getting an ace. It feels great to know you hit a shot they couldn’t return.

How has volleyball had a positive impact on your life?

Volleyball has positively impacted my life because it has taught me time management and many other life lessons. I have made so many great friends through playing. To me, it’s more than a sport. It’s my life.

How to you balance school with also being on the team?

Balancing school and being on a team is extremely difficult. Both school and volleyball require commitments, but my parents have always told me that school comes first.  I rarely miss a practice even if it means staying up really late to finish homework. It’s part of being a student athlete. I love to play so I make sure to manage my time well even if it means studying extra on the weekend so I have time to play volleyball during the week.

What would you tell someone who is looking to get into volleyball?

All I would say is that it takes time to learn but anyone can learn to play.  If you are interested in playing for fun, there are many recreational leagues around along with many club/travel teams if you want to play at a high level.


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