Teachers urge political awareness

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Student elections took place in October, and now, following those are larger scale political events taking place in America.  American Government teacher Darlene Weber said she thinks that students aren’t as informed as they could be.

“A lot of students here at the Bay don’t pay much attention to the government or how things are run,” Ms. Weber said. “It’s why I make my students write about a news article every week.”

Sophomore Dylan Warner said that he wishes he could be more knowledgeable about politics and the news, but that he is simply too busy with his life.

“Yes, I haven’t really paid much attention to the news or about politics,” Warner said. “My life is pretty much run by school, not by someone in D.C.”

English teacher Jeanne Kielbasa said that it is important for students to be informed about politics in the country.

“It’s important for students to learn about politics. They hold the future of this country in their hands,” Mrs. Kielbasa said.

Mrs. Weber said students could get more politically involved at the Bay by doing anything from reading the newspaper to actively following each political event as it passes.

“Students simply need to open up a newspaper and they’ll learn so much,” Mrs. Weber said.

Junior Nadia Wasif said she enjoys reading the paper and tries to do so as often as she can.

“It’s astounding how much reading the news and politics section enlightens me, I normally follow the Democratic Party as events progress” Wasif said.

Sophomore Ryan Kramer said that there are a lot of important events out there in the upcoming year such as who is going to be the Republican candidate, and that he looks forward to voting.

“By the time I’m a senior at the Bay I’ll be ready to vote and choose who will represent our country,” Kramer said.

History teacher Glen Wolff said by the time November 2012 arrives, many future and former seniors will be able to vote for the first time. He expects a good voting turnout for his class, and expects his former students to have already started.

“My former students who I still keep in touch with already vote,” Mr. Wolff said. “Once November 2012 arrives, my students will know everything there is to know about the government.”

Sophomore Juan Suarez said he is interested in politics, and hopes to learn more about each political view.

“I’m interested in voting when I turn 18. I’m curious as to each side’s views and ideas,” Suarez said.

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