• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 25, 2020


Sneaker Mania, an event that allows students to trade and sell basketball shoes, took place on Oct. 20 at the Bay’s auditorium. This is the second time this event has happened. At these events people can set up tables that cost $20 to sell their shoes. At the previous Sneaker Mania, they had up to 10 tables, where $300 to $400 was raised and profits were given to the athletic department.

“Anybody who wanted to sell or buy sneakers could’ve attended this event. In a way it’s kind of like a bazaar,” said Jason Looky, boys varsity coach.

Mathew Edenburg is a former student from the class of 2012 who came up with the idea of Sneaker Mania and hosted its first event on Aug. 10 2013.

“I was working at a summer basketball camp with Looky, and we saw kids trading and buying shoes. And we knew of an event in Miami called Dunk Exchange, and I wanted to do something like it,” Edenburg said.

“The first Sneaker Mania took place at the YMCA, and 70 to 100 people showed up, so since the event was so big, we decided to expand on it and make it at the Bay’s gym,” Edenburg said.

Edenburg said that the first Sneaker Mania was a success, which contributed to Sneaker Mania happening at the Bay.

Edenburg is currently trying to expand Sneaker Mania and have it occur quarterly, but there are still no definitive dates.

“I included fun activities like raffle contests and a basketball shooting challenge with a prize of $100, and hopefully we will have more creative ways for other people to be attracted to come,” Edenburg said.

The event is promoted through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.