• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 23, 2020


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Junior Chloe Nelson heads to the gym after school for her daily workout and instead of wasting time changing into her workout attire she is already dressed and ready to go. Nelson, and others at the Bay, find advantages in wearing their sporty clothes to school.

“It makes me feel very athletic and comfortable,” Nelson said. “It helps me concentrate on school better because of how cozy and comfy I feel.”

During the school day, junior Krystina Ruggiero loves wearing her workout attire because of how comfortable and cozy she feels going from class to class.

“Wearing workout clothes to school is my favorite. It is so comfortable and easy so I can focus on school and not worry about picking out an outfit early in the morning,” Ruggiero said.  “It is so easy to wear workout clothes to school because I can go workout right from school and go straight to the gym.”

Wearing workout clothes to school is not just a trend among girls. Guys wear athletic sneakers and basketball shorts every day.

“I usually wear gym shorts and my baseball shirts to school because I have practice after school and it’s the easiest and most comfortable,” junior Austin Lloyd said.

With a busy school schedule and extracurricular activities after school, senior Brooke Lazarus, a soccer player, said it can seem as if there is not enough time in the day to eat, change and get everything done during the busy week.

“I love wearing my soccer clothes and Nike Free Runs to school because I feel so relaxed and I don’t have to bring a whole set of other clothes for practice,” Lazarus said. “It’s so easy and I feel sporty and comfy all day.”