• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 22, 2020



As a cold front moves into Weston, junior Angie Fernandez puts on her winter sweater, leggings and fuzzy socks and she is good to go. Fernandez is among those students on campus who get snuggled in their wintry clothes to stay warm.

“When it’s cold I love wearing leggings with sweaters because it’s so comfy and keeps me warm at the same time while still looking cute,” Fernandez said.

Junior Sussi Moreno loves wearing her combat boots and Uggs when it gets chilly outside because she said they are cute but still keep her warm at the same time.

“Wearing boots is my favorite. I love being able to wear them with a hoodie sweatshirt or cute sweater when it’s cold,” Moreno said.

Junior Emily Friefeld said she likes wearing her winter clothes such as boots and scarves because she doesn’t get to wear them often.

“Fuzzy socks keep my feet warm when it’s cold outside, and they come in so many colors and patterns to match any outfit,” she said.

Beanies are also seen a lot when the weather gets cold. Both girls and guys wear them, such as junior Drake Menten.

“Beanies keep me warm and I have a bunch of them that I like to wear when it’s cold,” Menten said.

Senior Brooke Lazarus said she can finally break out her sweaters, jackets and boots from the back of her closet because of the cold weather. She said she is happy she finally gets to wear her leather jackets.

“I have two leather jackets that I never get to wear because it’s always so hot outside,” Lazarus said. “I love getting to wear them when it gets chilly.”

Senior Natalia Rodriguez said big comfy hoodies are her favorite to wear when the weather drops into the lower temperatures. She said she has a big collection of hoodies to wear when it’s cold.

“I have so many different hoodies from sports teams, schools and places I have visited and I love when it’s cold so I can wear them,” Rodriguez said.