• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 13, 2020



Junior Natalia Angel struts down the hallway with her blue Jansport on her back and has made it part of her everyday school style for many years. She has a sentimental connection with her backpack and has had the same one since her middle school days.

“My blue Jansport backpack matches everything and fits all of my stuff perfectly for school,” Angel said. “I wouldn’t want to use any other bag.”

Junior Brandon Egozi, who has had the same Jansport backpack since eighth grade. He said using the same backpack year after year helps him feel more comfortable because he is familiar with it.

“I have been through so many classes and memories with this backpack. I am so used to it and comfortable with it,” junior Brandon Egozi said.

Junior Sussi Moreno said her Kipling bag accompanies her everywhere she goes and is very functional. She uses the bag in school and out.

“My pink Kipling is the perfect size since it isn’t too big, but it holds all of my stuff and looks cute by adding a little bit of color to my everyday outfit,” she said.

Junior Monica Fernandez said she usually changes backpacks often because she likes changing things up and having different colors and styles. Since her backpacks fall apart by the end of the year, she tends to change backpacks at the beginning of each school year.

“I love my teal Kipling backpack because teal is my favorite color and is comfortable to carry around in school every day,” Fernandez said.

Junior Amber Karni is constantly switching up her backpack and said she is constantly searching online for new bag styles.

“I found this cute black leather backpack on Etsy online and I love it because no one else has it so it’s unique to have with me every day in school,” Karni said.

Backpack trends can be a great way of expressing your style in school since everyone needs one to carry around books and supplies, Karni said.