• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • April 6, 2020



Although for most just listening to music is sufficient, junior Sam Friefeld takes his passion for music a step further by producing his own.

Ever since he was 8 years old, Friefeld has been playing the piano, taking after his father and older brother, who play as well.

“I started playing mostly because my dad wanted me to, but I’ve grown to love it over the years,” Friefeld said.

Even though Friefeld said he loves playing the piano, and often participating in recitals, practicing once a week with his teacher didn’t satisfy his need to be more involved with music. About two years ago, after experimenting with the piano, trumpet, saxophone and drums, Friefeld realized he wanted to produce his own music.

“I really got into electronic music because there’s a whole plethora of things that you can do and different noises and songs you can make,” Friefeld said. “I really like it because it allows you to express your inner feelings and beliefs and how you are at the moment, and even your spirit, in the form of music.”

Friefeld’s family has gotten used to him playing the piano, and has recently gotten used to him blasting his mixes.

“Sam’s always been playing the piano, and when he started using computer programs to edit his music, I thought it was really unique,” said Emily Friefeld, Sam’s twin sister, who also plays the piano.

Friefeld said he was inspired after going to Ultra Music Festival in March 2013 because he had the chance to see what it’s really like to produce and mix music.

“After seeing Madeon’s set, I realized how cool it would be to produce my own music, especially after seeing someone my age that does it,” said Friefeld, referring to a producer from France. “I then realized I could be doing the same thing and really enjoying it. He’s such an inspiration because he uses things like mini-pads to make his music.”

Friefeld’s mom, Ayala Friefeld, said Sam’s music interests have shifted since he started playing at age 8.

“Sam went from listening to classical music every night to enjoying electronic and rap music even more,” Mrs. Friefeld said. “But he’s always enjoyed composing his own music and playing the piano.”

Friefeld taught himself how to produce and mix his songs. Using programs like Fruity Loops, Logic Pro 10, Native Instruments and Abelton, Friefeld said he learned how to incorporate his musical skills to a techno-sounding music genre. He uses sites such as SoundCloud and iTunes to publish his creations.

“In my songs, I incorporate piano by first playing it and recording it, and then transferring it to the song,” he said.

Even if it’s just producing a few songs, Friefeld said producing music will always stay with him.

“I can’t see myself doing something that doesn’t involve music,” Friefeld said.