• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 25, 2020


The French Honor Society (FHS) is currently holding a fundraiser, Caps of Love, in which students donate plastic caps from water bottles in order to donate an electric wheelchair to someone in need. Senior Laura Munevar, FHS president, began the fundraiser on Feb. 5.

“In previous years, officers had talked about doing more charity work, and this year as president, I took the responsibility to provide new events to service people in need,” Munevar said. “I did some research and came to know that the organization, Caps Of Love, had actually begun in France and had then spread to the United States.”use

The caps that are donated are then sold to Blue Grass Recycling. With the money produced there, an electric wheelchair is purchased and then given to someone in need of one. Munevar said the goal is to collect up to 1,000 caps.

“The organization is in charge of giving the wheelchair to the disabled recipient, but we just take the initial step of collecting the caps and sending them to the recycling company,” Munevar said.

Although members of French Honor Society would be the only recipients of service hours in return for donations, everyone is encouraged to donate caps.

“I believe members do feel as if they are making a difference,” said senior Camille Chabeneix, FHS vice president. “Once you see the pictures on the website showing kids in the wheelchairs, it is impacting,”

So far, members have donated gallon-sized bags, and officers are hopeful that more donations are to come, Munevar said.

“Although the counting process is time consuming and difficult, we have received a vast amount of caps, and we are sure there will be more donations,” Chabeneix said.

Cap donations are not only useful for the primary cause of giving a wheelchair, but also help keep a green environment.

“Not only are we helping the environment by recycling caps, but we are also contributing to those in need by providing a wheelchair,” Munevar said. “With everyone’s collaboration, we can make a difference.”

Caps may be donated to sponsor Ms. Valdes in room 456. The deadline for the fundraiser has not yet been decided.