• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 13, 2020



Promoting Relations in Diversity through Education (PRIDE) hosted its annual Health Fair on Oct. 1 in the Wave.  The event was open to all students and parents as well as others in the community who wanted to attend.

“We think it’s very good for the community, and PRIDE loves helping the community,” senior and club President Michelle Nguyen said.  “The Health Fair is a great event because learning about health is very important.”

Health professionals offered free screenings and tests such as vision tests, glucose tests, hearing tests and skin cancer screenings.  Additionally, guest speakers at booths placed around the Wave informed participants about various health topics.

“I came to the Health Fair mostly because I wanted to check on my vision and my glucose,” freshman Alissa Castro said.  “I learned a lot, and it felt like a good place to get checked out and learn about health.”

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) helped PRIDE organize the health fair and contact the health professionals and guest speakers. HOSA members also volunteered at the event.

“As HOSA members, we try to help promote medicine as much as we can, so when we heard PRIDE was doing the health fair, we wanted try to help and promote services,” senior and HOSA Vice President of Fundraising Jeena Zacharia said.  “We try our best to help the community learn more about the medical field.”

Zacharia as well as other Health Science 3 students checked participants’ blood pressures.  She said she enjoyed doing this because it felt good to help the community                                                                                  .

“All of us who were testing everyone’s blood pressure were really trained, and everybody was really glad we were providing this service,” Zacharia said.  “For something as easy as testing blood pressure, it makes me feel happy that [the participants] got to learn something.”

PRIDE began the Health Fair event four years ago.  This year, the vision tests, hearing

tests, glucose screenings and nutrition booths were added to the booths and screenings.

“We started [the Health Fair] as a service for the community,” PRIDE sponsor and Spanish teacher Claudina Fernandez said.  “In PRIDE, officers can propose an event and then the members vote to do it, so this idea was proposed a few years ago.”

Nguyen said the Health Fair is a great way for PRIDE to support the community, because it provides free health opportunities.

“PRIDE promotes the Health Fair because a lot of people don’t have access to insurance or health facilities, so we feel that it’s right that we promote health in our community by offering this event,” she said.

Sophomore Arturo Graterol attended the Health Fair and had his vision, hearing, and blood pressure tested.  He said he enjoyed the variety of services that were offered.

“I wanted to make sure I am healthy, so I went to the Health Fair,” Graterol said.  “I didn’t know about my vision, hearing and blood pressure, so it was helpful to find out this information.”

Mrs. Fernandez said she thinks it is important for the community to learn about health because it will help them in the future.

“It is very important to take care of ourselves,” Mrs. Fernandez said. “Many students are probably going to be parents in the future, and they are going to have to know about health to take care of their families.”