• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 13, 2020



In order to teach club officers about their leadership positions, the Inter-Organizational Council (IOC) hosted an officer-training workshop on Oct. 13 in the auditorium and classrooms in the 100s building. More than 150 officers from 52 clubs attended the workshop.  All officers were welcome, but treasurers of each club were required to attend.

“[The training] basically taught [officers] how to do their job better and easier with less mistakes,” senior and Student Government Association (SGA) 1st Vice President Daniela Hernandez said.  “In SGA, we are taught by the previous officers, and I don’t think other officers get a chance to do that, so we are the teachers for them.”

Club officers were divided into three groups and rotated at three workshops.  These workshops were Communication & Project Planning, Officer Team Dynamics and Time Management & Member Motivation.

“I thought the workshops were extremely helpful,” junior and President of Debbie’s Dream Daniela Schwartz said.  “I learned a lot of great tips from SGA officers on how to communicate better with the officers and club members. The training also provided great tips on how to plan events using time management and organization.”

Treasurers attended a separate training led by SGA adviser Danielle Nascimento and SGA treasurer Dana Aponte.  At this workshop, treasurers were taught about purchase orders, financial reports, collecting money, reimbursements, check requests and other forms and processes they needed to know about for their position.

“A lot of the students had never been treasurer before, and this is not something they would easily pick up.  It’s accounting at the end of the day, and there’s a lot of rules that treasurers have to follow,” Mrs. Nascimento said.  “I think they left the workshop very motivated and confident in their positions.”

Before the officer training, a brief IOC meeting was held.  Hernandez and Mrs. Nascimento spoke about club bylaws and constitutions, reserving venues and planning activities.  Also, club officers were allowed to make announcements.

“At the IOC meetings, every club gets to share what they do,” Hernandez said.  “It’s a way for the clubs to communicate.”

Hernandez said the training workshop went really well, and she got positive feedback from the other SGA officers that were helping out.

“People were really interested in what we were teaching them,” she said.  “They asked a lot of questions, and they said it really helped them.”Sophomore and United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF treasurer Camila Brooks attended the treasurer workshop and said she found it very helpful.

“The fact that it was a separate workshop meant that we had enough time to learn as much as possible,” Brooks said.  “I was really focused on all the details that concerned the treasurer position.  By learning as much as I can about my position, I feel that I can contribute my best to the club and help improve it every year.”

Schwartz said she wanted officers from Debbie’s Dream to go to learn how to be an organized and effective club.  She said she was really happy with the information and skills she and her officers learned at the workshop.

“The tips and information that the training offered will help the officers perform better,” Schwartz said.  “The training helped provide resources for fliers, motivation, and tips that will be extremely helpful this year.”

Mrs. Nascimento said she wants to continue the officer-training workshop in the future, because it was very successful.  She said she hopes that it will inspire officers to improve their clubs.

“I think it’s really important that the officers understand their positions because they set the tone and goals for the year and lead their members,” Mrs. Nascimento said.  “Hopefully, this [workshop] helps clubs or inspires them to do great things this year and to be really organized.”