• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 22, 2020

Just this year, Chorizo, a pork sausage, was added to Chipotle’s menu to help them get back on their feet after an E-coli outbreak set them back after being successful for years. After complaints that the chorizo did not have a flavorful taste, there has been yet another problem after an addition was added to their menu. According to My News LA, three Californians, in three separate locations, reported that Chipotle was misleading customers by not putting the correct calorie count on the stores menus. It was reportedly misleading to a customer because he felt excessively full after what was supposed to be 300 calories. The three Californians are now proceeding to sue Chipotle for being dishonest with customers by misrepresenting the nutritional value of the chain restaurants food products.

Although many people can make the assumption that a burrito will be more than 300 calories, the signs do not show the accurate amount of calories in each product. Grubstreet reported that a burrito with chorizo and other assorted products such as salsa, black beans, and rice would be 955 calories, which is not presented on the menu signs, instead, a chorizo burrito is listed as containing 300 calories. While Chipotle has not been accused of this problem before, it’s not surprising that this is being brought up now. The New York Times has also mentioned that a typical burrito from Chipotle is usually around 1,070 calories. According to My News LA, the lawsuit explains that while the chorizo burrito is advertised as 300 calories, the burrito has made people too full, which leads to the accusation that it’s impossible that the burrito itself is only 300 calories.

The lawsuit was brought in by Los Angeles Superior Court David Desmond, Edward Gurevich, and Young Hoon Kim, which would show all purchases made from Chipotle for the past four years leading up to this event. The lawsuit accuses Chipotle’s menu of false nutritional information. It explains how customers believe what they’re eating is healthier than what it actually is. The lawsuit also explains how Chipotle’s website was also dishonest with the chorizo burrito and likely several others as well.

This is a problem that Chipotle now has to resolve because many people most likely ordered the chorizo burrito, since 300 calories is better than a typical burrito with 1,070 calories. They are then consuming 770 calories more than a person might hope to consume. One can only hope that Chipotle can settle this and show that they really treat the food with the integrity they have once said to have.