• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 22, 2020



As I scroll through the home page of the New York Times, I can’t help but think that the United States is rooting against itself. No one has ever gone to war hoping to lose, yet, that is what many Americans are doing regarding Donald Trump’s presidency.

Ever since Trump was announced president-elect on Nov. 8, social media has been flooded with articles that try to prove that his presidency will be a flawed one, and his term has barely even started. Not only does the news report that he will drown the country in debt, repeal health insurance and form an alliance with Russia, but it also alarms readers that a war might emerge. To me, it seems a little soon to blame the guy for all of that.

The media is inarguably the most crucial aspect of any democratic government, since it is the most efficient way for citizens to check on the doings of the officials. But when it comes to the controversial character of Donald Trump, the media has been extremely radical with its assumptions.

I understand the frustration of many minorities who are scared of the Trump presidency, but it doesn’t help that the media has been doing nothing but feeding said fear. People seem to forget that the United States (U.S.) government is structured so that the president is not the ultimate leader and there are many ways in which the other officials can intervene with his doings.

The main thing that scares me is not that President Trump might attempt to do outrageous things to the American people (because he can’t), but instead I am scared that the American people will stop respecting their own country. If we can’t respect and have faith in our own government, no other nation will. The U.S. will be treated as a joke, for it can’t even get support from within.

I advocate for all civil rights and liberties that anyone can possibly want, but everything has to be treated with the proper respect and seriousness. The Women’s March that took place on Feb. 21, is a beautiful cause that deserves all the attention in the world, but it turned out to be a venue for signs that bash on the new president and its purpose diverged from the original intent.

The power is, and will remain, in the hands of the people; but it seems that we’re proving ourselves too immature to handle the responsibilities it comes with. President Trump was elected in a fair manner, and the possibility of him being removed is not within sight. The power that, “We, the people”, possess will only be managed effectively if the people unite to fight one cause at a time. It does no good to have more than 3.3 million people march the streets if each one of them is marching for a different purpose.

President Trump might not be everyone’s favorite person, but disliking him can’t over shine the love for the nation. No matter how many titles the public sticks to him, it won’t take away his title of president. So rather than fighting against him, the people should fight with him, because it is everyone’s best interest to see the U.S. succeed.