Review: “La La Land” polarizes musical lovers, raises questions



“La La Land” is an emotional love story that involves Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a young pianist with a desire to open his own club, and Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress from a small town. The film illustrates the obstacles Sebastian and Mia face when trying to follow their dreams.

“La La Land” is an award-winning film, justified by its outstanding musical performances and creative visual images. The movie’s soundtrack fits perfectly with each scene and incorporates dance to further complement the melodies. The movie incorporates a theme that one should never give up their goals because of the influence of an individual. “La La Land” deals with both heartbreak and happiness throughout Sebastian and Mia’s journeys.

Although “La La Land” was clearly done with much creativity, the ending left unanswered questions that caused confusion and dissatisfaction compared to the preceding parts of the movie. The film is overall an entertaining musical that portrays an important lesson to the audience. “La La Land” is a film that deals with the importance of facing difficult decisions in order to live out their dreams. With random musical numbers and dancing in “La La Land” possesses the qualities of a Broadway show, while also adding deeper meaning throughout the storyline.

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