• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 13, 2020


Students in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) club took advantage of a Monday free from school to raise funds for the club’s future activities. On Feb. 20, the club held a volleyball tournament at the YMCA sand courts. All students were welcome to participate by paying $5 in the courtyard to play and help raise money. The event raised $120 for SHPE while also promoting the club at the same time.

“I would say that the event helped in a number of ways,” junior Isabelle Gouverneur said. “First, it helped the club in raising money for future events, and second, it helped in creating friendships and promoting the club.”

The event consisted of four teams with six people assigned to each team. All of the teams took turns competing against each other until one remained. Every member in the winning team received a $10 gift certificate to a movie at Cinemark. Sophomore Diego Schummer said it was a nice reward, but participating was enough of a reward for him.

“I think that the most important part [of the event] was the community getting together. Everyone was smiling, having fun and there for a common purpose: to win,” Schummer said. “We knew it was friendly, but there was a drive to win that made the tournament that much better.”

Gouverneur said she saw the tournament as a fun alternative to fundraising and was able to make many new friends at the same time.

“It was a chance for the club members and students at the Bay to meet and interact in a fun environment,” Gouverneur said. “None of us knew how to play volleyball, so it was funny to watch us struggle. It was also just fun getting to meet new people and have a great experience.”

The idea for the volleyball tournament came from the SHPE officers who believed it would attract many people. Junior Federico Bengoa said volleyball is an enjoyable sport for anyone and that the event allowed him to get close to the other members.

“It was for a good purpose for the club,” Bengoa said. “The club does great things and it was also really fun.”

Snacks and water were also provided to the participants in the tournament as well as more volleyballs to play with. In addition to playing volleyball, volunteers attended to help out with the scores and take part in the event.

“If I wasn’t on a team of people playing on the court, then I would take another ball and I would play with my friends on the sidelines just for fun,” Gouverneur said.

For Schummer, the event was a chance to have fun with new people and the other members.

“I believe the event was a huge success,” Schummer said. “Not only did we raise funds for SHPE, but we all got to take part in a friendly competition, which proved to be an amazing experience.”