Review: FAT Village Artwalk


ArtWalk is a monthly celebration of art and artists, partnered with food trucks, and performances. Held on the last Saturday of every month (except December) from 7p.m. to 10 p.m. ArtWalk is the best time to visit FATVillage (Flager Arts and Technology) if you want to get a good representation of what FATVillage has to offer. The ArtWalk gives the opportunity to guests to visit with each of the artists who open up the doors to their galleries and studios, for public perspectives and interaction. FatVillage ArtWalk gives new and upcoming artists and business owners the opportunity to get their products out into the public. The whole event had very high energy because of the new art.
During the ArtWalk, you can use the free trolley that stops at different routes throughout the village. While the event happens rain or shine, going when it is sunny outside is a better option in order to fully appreciate the artwork. Being familiar with the area is better before going because parking was kind of confusing, as it wasn’t well marked on the map provided and the description of the trolley was also quite confusing and hard to find. The actual artwork was very abstract and modern and gave a good representation of how Fort Lauderdale is growing to be very bohemian, trendy and modern. The artists were all very nice and friendly and some displays were interactive as the visitors could walk around the art or in some cases actually be the art. Some galleries were bigger than others. The bigger ones definitely had a lot more space, and it was easier to walk around. Some exhibits were also very dark but the artist still knew how to display their art in a way that was visible to the audience.
While not as big as other art exhibits around, Wynwood ArtWalk for example, the FATVillage Artwalk still has a lot to offer and many different things to see for all ages. The fact that there was less of a crowd actually provides benefits as it is easier to take pictures of the art. The food trucks scattered around filled the streets with different aromas and provided the visitors with a wide variety of foods–anything from BBQ to Italian. There were also some pop up shops where you could buy art or jewelry– all handmade from artist. The ArtWalk was definitely worthwhile as it kept the audience entertained and was full of culture and talent.

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