Siblings experience classes together


For sophomore Destiny Rice, avoiding her sister, junior Christine Rice, at school is virtually impossible because she has her eighth period class, AICE Global Perspectives, with her. While Destiny said having a class with her sister has some benefits, she said it has some downfalls as well.

“Sharing a class with my sibling is very convenient at times, but I never get a break from her because as soon as I get home I am with her again,” Destiny Rice said.

However, Destiny Rice said she does enjoy having a class with her sister because it allows them to work together efficiently.

“My sister and I always set aside time to work on our homework together,” Destiny Rice said.  “She has always helped me with things I struggled with and she never loses her patience with me.”

Rice’s sister, Christine, said she and her sister both agree that this experience is primarily positive. She said knowing they have each other to count on throughout the year makes the process less difficult.

“Having her with me gives me a piece of mind that I’m not the only one having to manage the work given and talking to my sister about the class gives me a second opinion on ideas,” Christine Rice said.

According to Christine Rice, having Destiny in her class significantly affects many aspects of the course and her relationship with the teacher.

“Since I am the older sister she tends to ask me millions of questions instead of asking the teacher instead,” Christine Rice said. “At the beginning of the year we are barely seen as two individuals until the teacher recognizes us as different people by our personalities.”

Like the Rice sisters, sophomore Madilyn Deluca said there are many attributes that come with having a twin, and when it interferes with her Geometry class it can be very frustrating at times. Instead of being recognized as her own person, she said she is often associated with her sister, sophomore Samantha Deluca.

“I am a very independent person,” Madilyn Deluca said. “My personality is very different than the one of my sister and I hope that us being twins does not interfere with my experience in Geometry this year.”

While Madilyn Deluca said there are some drawbacks, she said having Samantha in her class creates a more comfortable environment to learn in.

“It is always a scary feeling going into a class without knowing anyone, so being able to relate and sympathize with someone lifts a big weight off of my shoulders,” Madilyn Deluca said.

Samantha Deluca said the fact that she is a twin, follows her around everywhere, but most people believe it is a lot more negative than it really is.

“My sister and I always help each other out with homework and classwork we don’t understand, so being in the same class with her is extremely beneficial,” Samantha Deluca said.

Deluca said she would rather have a class with her sister than have a class without her because of all the positive assets that come with having Madilyn by her side.

“I can’t wait to share this year with my sister and see how everything plays out because I have never had a class with her before,” Samantha Deluca said.  “I hope both of us take out as much as we can out from this positive experience.”

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