Advice prepares new students for high school


Among homework, extracurricular activities, and assignments, it is important for high school students to have an agenda. AP Spanish teacher Ester Calderon said students have the tools to succeed in her class.

“To maintain a good grade in my class, students have to memorize templates for the AP test, speak Spanish inside the classroom, and do well in the grammar quizzes,” Calderon said.

Calderon said this can all be achieved if a student manages the class properly through Canvas. Canvas is an online tool used by teachers where students can check their grades, take quizzes/tests, and complete assignments accordingly based off a color -coded calendar.

“Maintaining an agenda, staying organized, and spacing out the work is an effective way to handle my class,” Caderon said.

Senior Rebecca Grinker has taken all honors/college credit classes through high school. She said organization is crucial when it comes to succeeding in high school.

“An important key to school survival is time management,” Grinker said. “I procrastinate a lot about doing homework, so I keep a detailed agenda and I manage my time during and after school.”

Grinker also uses The Wave during her free time to print or complete homework she has that night.

“The Wave is a great place to go when I have extra time after lunch or during a class,” Grinker said. “It would be a shame not to utilize the resources we have at school that could save tons of time later on.”

Senior Cara Siegel said it’s essential to keep an agenda to avoid forgetting upcoming assignments.

“Having an agenda is the best decision I made in high school,” Siegel said. “It’s so much easier to stay on top of things when you can physically check off what you’ve done and what you still have left.”

Grinker learned time management as a freshman when she realized navigating through seven classes can become stressful.

“I purchased my first agenda freshman year because I would forget which classes I had homework in,” Grinker said. “Managing my time and staying organized has helped me excel and be productive in high school.”

Siegel also takes notes in class on lessons and anything else her teacher says in class.

“I take notes in class so I can review them that night,” Siegel said. “If not, I will forget what we learned by the next class. By the time I am tested on the material, I have been reviewing it for weeks and therefore better prepared.”

Grinker continuously checks Canvas because her classes are constantly being updated. She encourages others to do the same to stay on top of their work.

“Canvas is a great learning tool that has benefited me tremendously,” Grinker said. “The layout of the website is easy to navigate and is intended to help students.”



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