Jobs prepare students for future endeavors


Since Nov. 2016, senior Eitan Casaverde has been employed at Chilli-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar; a South Florida chain that sells nitrogen-based ice cream treats. Like other students with paying jobs, Casaverde said he initially began working to not only make money, but to also learn independence and self-maintenance.

“Though money was my primary reason for working, I have learned how to properly deal with customer service and how to obtain a self-sufficient work ethic,” Casaverde said. “I think that these are essential skills to possess.”

CREAM employee and senior Kyle Flaherty said that having a job comes with both benefits and faults, but an employee has to learn how to deal with both.

“Honestly, my grades did struggle a little when I first started working,” Flaherty said. “I didn’t know how to juggle both work and school.”

Although Flaherty said he was faced with grade troubles in the beginning of his career, he said he has found a balance between school and work. According to Flaherty, this experience has prepared him for future occupations.

“I have an idea of what the real world is like now. [A job] really gives you a good perception of how to spend your money,” Flaherty said. “You learn how to apply skills you acquired throughout your years in school and really appreciate your free time.”

Though he struggled with time management at first, Flaherty said he learned to properly organize his time through experience.

“Of course with having a job comes the need to manage your time well. When you work high-hour weeks and you have decent amounts of homework, it can be challenging to find time for it all,” Flaherty said. “Once you work for a while though, it does get easier.”

Like Flaherty, his boss, Ms. Vanessa Holler, said she acknowledges both the benefits and disadvantages of having a job at such a young age. As she did not have a job when she was in high school, she said she missed out on many learning opportunities.

“I believe having a job instills a sense of responsibility and commitment and it trains [students] for future jobs,” Ms. Holler said. “The students need to learn how to juggle school and work responsibilities. These are skills I missed out on early on.”

Ms. Holler believes that a student who masters the balance is the definition of a good employee.

“CREAM Started as a CB DECA project and it has been an amazing privilege to partner with the school,” Ms. Holler said. “For us, a good employee is the one that shows up to work on time and is ready for [his/her] task and is willing to work hard and understand the big picture of the business.”

Unlike Flaherty, Pure Energy Entertainment dancer senior Taylor Lessem said she did not have difficulty finding the perfect blend of work and school.

“Work is only on the weekends, so it doesn’t interrupt with my school work,” Lessem said. “I’ve been working at Pure Energy for almost three years now and my grades have never fallen. I don’t let my job affect my school work.”

While Lessem said she originally joined Pure Energy as a way to make money, she said she now views it as a fun activity.

“I chose to work at Pure Energy because it is fun and an entertaining job, plus I love dancing,” Lessem said. “The people that work there are really awesome and they’re like a family to me.”

Through working at an ice cream shop, Casaverde said he has become better prepared for his future.

“Through Chill-N, I have learned how important it is to love what you do and how to properly manage the customer service aspect of the business world,” Casaverde said. “I know this will help me navigate through jobs when I am an adult and for that I am thankful.”

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