• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 22, 2020



Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an extremely important government policy that grants citizenship to some children whose parents brought them to the United States illegally when they were minors. They can receive a renewable two-year period of amnesty where they will not be deported, and DACA also gives them opportunities to possess work permits. Currently 800,000 immigrants benefit from DACA, and these people can be doctors, teachers, parents, Internet personalities and police.

This policy was created in 2007, but was not implemented until June of 2012 from an executive order by former President Barack Obama. Congress had tried to pass the bill up until this point, but could never obtain the votes in both houses. As this bill took so long to pass, it was long overdue. It was time to give these immigrants the rights they deserved and President Obama recognized this. The program aids so many immigrants in living the “American Dream,” and is one of the most important put in place during Obama’s presidency.

On Sept. 5, President Donald Trump announced the upcoming suspension of the program. There will be a six-month delay in the termination, but the immigrants will be sent back to their home countries when the delay expires. The six month period was put in place to give Congress a chance to pass new immigration laws to help the Dreamers, who are the people benefiting from DACA.

Canceling this program is completely wrong. President Trump will be sending these people back to countries they have never known. The Dreamers moved from these countries when they were extremely young and have barely experienced life anywhere except America. To send them back to a country that is unfamiliar and possibly dangerous is just cruel.

The United States serves as a sanctuary to many people escaping a controlling government, and many of these immigrants came here for this reason. Sending them back could be fatal to those coming from countries in turmoil; they could be penalized for leaving in the first place or put in danger once they arrive back.

All of these immigrants were brought by their parents to the United States. It is extremely unfair for them to be punished for actions their parents took. There was nothing they could have done to get their parents to stay, so they should not be punished for it.

These Dreamers are Americans and should be treated as such. To be treated as an American means to receive all liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, not be consistently attacked for supposedly taking jobs away and not live in fear of deportation. These people are legally allowed to be in the United States, and no one should be allowed to take that away from them.

Taking away a program that benefits so many, regardless of the policy, is absurd. Dreamers are embedded into our country at this point– it would be detrimental to others if they were taken from their jobs, relationships and family members who are citizens. Many Americans’ health could be left in danger as their doctors are deported. This is not only ruinous for the immigrants being deported, but all residents in their community.

This act feels like a blatant attack on immigrants on Trump’s part. His ideals have been centered around the fact that all illegal immigrants should be removed from our country, but these people are legally allowed to live in America. America was built by immigrants, and for our President to attempt to remove that essential part of our history is disturbing. Trump continues to kick these people out for the sheer fact that they are immigrants, and this is so wrong.