Student Government Association directs homecoming week festivities



The Bay was full of spirit as students participated in the “Opposites Attract” themed Homecoming Week, which began on Oct. 2 and lasted until Oct. 6. The students dressed up and the courtyard was decorated with a specific theme for each day. The week ended with the pep rally on Friday. The opposite themed dress up days included, “Black and White vs. Color Monday,” “Bikers vs. Surfers Tuesday,” “Past vs. Future Wednesday,” “Lazy vs. Sporty Thursday,” and “Color War Friday.

Spirit week and pep rally are both run by Student Government Association (SGA) students and board members. Senior and member of SGA Anabelle Agosto was chosen to be a co-leader of pep rally this year, and she said that even though it was a huge responsibility, it was a lot of fun. Her counterpart for this event was senior Rebecca Grinker.

“It took a lot of hard work to run pep rally since there are so many different aspects to it,” Agosto said. “We had to pick the hosts, Neely’s entrance, activities, floats, and performances which was very time consuming since we wanted to choose the best things possible to entertain our school.”

Junior and member of SGA Jordan Moskowitz played an important role in being the chair-in-training in conducting the pep rally. She will be one of the co-chairs next year.

“I was so excited to be chosen to run such a big event at the Bay,” Moskowitz said. “I learned so much from watching [Anabelle and Rebecca] and cannot wait to take on this task next year with Jack [McMann].”

Each year, Principal Neely comes into pep rally in a different way.  Agosto said she wanted this year’s entrance to coincide with the “fire and ice” theme for the Homecoming dance.

“One of the hardest but most important things to do for pep rally was picking Neely’s entrance,” Agosto said. “We know how excited everyone gets for it and we didn’t want to disappoint. We decided to bring him in on a firetruck since it represented the ‘fire’ in the ‘fire and ice’ theme.”

Agosto said her favorite part of pep rally was all of the new activities they had introduced this year.

“I was so excited to introduce the teacher vs. student dance off,” Agosto said. “We tried to base it off the opposites attract theme and thought it was a huge success.”

Senior class treasurer Samantha Rosenberg was excited to take on spirit week for the third year in a row.

“Having our current officer team be together since sophomore year has made this whole process a lot easier since we now know what does and doesn’t work from previous years,” Rosenberg said.

Hurricane Irma cut a huge amount of time allotted to preparing for spirit week and pep rally. Many officer teams struggled to get everything done due to this set back.

“We had so much stuff to do and with Irma cutting out a whole week and a half, we were so rushed on time,” Rosenberg said. “We had to put together an entire hallway and float in two weeks which was very challenging especially since we had to create so many scenes for the ‘East Coast vs. West Coast’ theme.”

Derek Sheinberg, President of the junior class, said their team also had trouble getting everything done in time due to the hurricane and their school work. Sheinberg said that since it was their officer team’s first year being together, it was increasingly difficult to getting everything done.

“It was also [the officer team and volunteer’s] first time working together as a team taking part in these events,” Sheinberg said. “This will allow us to plan accordingly for next year.”

Sheinberg said he was excited that they chose the Super Heroes vs. Villains theme as he and the rest of the team had many ideas for the hallway to make it interactive and entertaining to students.

“One of our main goals was to create a hallway that would interact with the students,” Sheinberg said. “We wanted the students to feel as though they were actually in the scenes itself to make it more fun and enjoyable.”

Sheinberg said he really enjoyed creating the hallway and that it was the highlight of his week.

“Making the hallway was a lot of fun, but seeing everyone’s reactions to it made all the hard work worth it,” Sheinberg said. “Our hallway captures the whole idea of the ‘opposites attract’ theme and [the officer team] was so excited that everybody loved it as much as we did.”

Rosenberg’s favorite part of the week was pep rally because she said it was such an exciting and engaging event with the whole school.

“It’s so exciting spending the whole day getting ready for pep rally and preparing the float,” Rosenberg said. “Running out into the crowd is extremely fun and seeing the whole class cheer for us is amazing. The whole experience is just incredible.”

Moskowitz said she enjoyed choosing all of the events and specificities of pep rally and then watching it all come together that day.

“The day of pep rally, anything can go wrong, so it is a very stressful day,” Moskowitz said. “But, my favorite thing about the whole process is being able to see everything come together and seeing the students reactions to all of the hard work we put in.”

As future co-chair of pep rally, Moskowitz said she hopes to improve a few things next year including Neely’s entrance in order to make it different than previous years.

“In the past couple of years, Neely’s entrance has been similar, so next year I hope to make it more unique and engaging with all of the students,” Moskowitz said.

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