Grade levels decorate hallways for homecoming week


On Oct. 2 each grade level competed in a hallway decorating contest, an annual event during Homecoming Week. This year, the Bay’s homecoming theme was “Opposites Attract,” and each class decorated their assigned hallway to create a scene from a subcategory of that theme. The seniors won first place with their “West Coast vs. East Coast”-themed hallway. With their “Superheroes vs. Villains” theme, the junior class came in second place. Sophomores won third place with the “Underwater vs. Outer Space” theme, and the freshman class came in last place with their “Past vs. Future”-themed hallway.

“This year’s homecoming theme was ‘Opposites Attract,’ so we wanted to do something different that people would enjoy,” senior class president, Julia Levy, said. “We figured a ‘West Coast vs. East Coast’ theme could be a fun and interesting way to decorated our hallway.”

The senior hallway contained restaurants and landmarks on each of the coasts. Representing the West Coast, there was the Santa Monica Pier and fake ticket booths. There were also signs for In-N-Out Burger, a restaurant in California. The East Coast focused on New York and had a model of the Statue of Liberty.

Levy said that she enjoyed her theme and was glad that her team was able to incorporate it into the hallway. Levy believed that the hallway turned out well even though they had many time restraints due to Hurricane Irma.

“Although our theme had a lot of small things we could work with, it was overall very detailed and hard to create, especially in the short time frame,” Levy said.

The junior hallway featured a “Superhero vs. Villain” theme, designing a hallway scene of super heroes saving the day at a bank robbery. Junior class Secretary Juan Ariza said the dedication and hard work put into the hallway by the officer team and the volunteers was portrayed by the outcome.  

Ariza said that his hallway design came with obstacles and difficulty. The ideas they were initially brainstorming changed throughout the creative process. Despite hardships, Ariza said there was enough help to get the hallway the way that they wanted.

“I think our theme definitely had its challenges,” Ariza said. “It’s not as easy as it seemed, but in the end, it worked out pretty well.”

“Every day, [the class officers and volunteers] would meet up after school and work on the hallway since there are so many little details that go into making a hallway,” Ariza said. “We wanted to pick a theme that stood out and would be appealing to everyone that walked through it.”

 The sophomores chose an “Outer space vs. Underwater” theme. Sophomore class Vice President Rudi Eyl said that creating the hallway was made easier since everyone helping out was so passionate and hardworking. Their hallway capitalized on the reefs and coral for the underwater scene. The outer space side of the hallway had a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) spaceship and drawings of galaxies and planets.

“To ensure the hallway was going to turn out exactly as [our team] wanted, we combined all of our ideas about all of the things that would be important to show in relation to underwater and outer space,” Eyl said.

The freshman hallway represented a time portal that was meant to bring students from the past to the future as they walked down the hall. Freshman class Treasurer Dylan Lessem said that he believed that the theme was difficult to work with since it was so broad.

“Our theme was hard to work with since it was not as specific as the other themes,” Lessem said. “It was hard for our team to think of ideas for the hallway and float.”

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