Students attend annual Homecoming Dance


The Bay hosted its annual Homecoming Dance on Oct. 7 at the Westin Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale. Students in all grades were encouraged to attend the event.

“I was super excited to go to homecoming this year,” sophomore Sam Brodsky said. “It’s something I’ve looked forward to since the beginning of high school.”

Sophomore Emily Sigman said the dance had lots of aspects for everyone to enjoy, such as the lights, food and dancing.

“The decorations really made the dance special,” Sigman said. “Everything was put together in a way that made the night really enjoyable.”

Student Government Association (SGA) planned for the event over the span of six months. Ticket sales, promotions and decorations were organized during this time.

“As an officer, we spent days and days staying after school planning for Homecoming,” junior and SGA Historian Emily Fischgrund said. “Overall, the event turned out as amazing as we hoped it would.”

SGA had the student body vote for a theme for the dance to ensure it would be something that everyone would enjoy. Officers set up a Google form in order to create an easy way for people to vote on a theme. The theme was then decided to be “Opposites Attract.”

“We wanted to make sure the dance would be one that all students at our school liked,” Fischgrund said. “As an officer team, we thought that the best way we could ensure this was by having the student body choose this year’s theme.”

Projects were also made for SGA students to contribute their ideas into the overall event. SGA member and junior Cori Friedman said she has been working on a project since the end of last school year.

“We were assigned a project that asked us to think of ideas for dress up days, as well as an overall theme,” Friedman said. “As a club, we have been putting lots of time and effort into preparing for the dance.”

Along with planning for the event, SGA members worked at the dance itself. Freshman Jennifer Blardonis said she volunteered to work at the dance with her friends.

“I wanted to help out at the dance to see how it works and see what people think about it,” Blardonis said. “I will definitely be going to homecoming next year with my friends; I can’t wait to go.”

Brodsky said the dance included a DJ who played popular music, making it easy for all students to want to dance at the event.

“Dancing with my friends was my favorite part of the dance,” Brodsky said. “It was a memory that I truly won’t forget.”

SGA members and officers such as Fischgrund were pleased with the outcome of the event. Fischgrund said she couldn’t be more satisfied with the success of this year’s homecoming dance.

“I’m beyond proud of the officer team and SGA students for doing such an incredible job at putting the dance together,” Fischgrund said. “It makes me feel really good to see all of our hard work turn into reality.”

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