• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 25, 2020


With the increasing prominence of social media in today’s society, many clubs at the Bay have begun utilizing platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to promote themselves to other students. In the hopes of receiving more members, the new Taylor Teens club takes advantage of Instagram to reach out to the student body.

Junior Lexi Barten was appointed as public relations manager, and with this position, Barten is responsible for promoting the club on various social media sites. Barten said Instagram has many benefits in relation to increasing exposure for Taylor Teens and hopefully drawing in new members.

“I think that all of the apps we use are very beneficial to many groups of people, but Instagram is the most effective in reaching out to prospective club members,” Barten said.  “It is used by a majority of students, it’s easy to manage and we are able to have our posts show up on people’s feeds, which means they are most likely going to see it.”

In addition to simply posting pictures of flyers and announcements on Instagram, Habitat for Humanity social media manager Matthew Liebman said he strives to take full advantage of all the features social media has to offer. Liebman said utilizing different strategies to receive greater exposure through the app is his ultimate goal in the position of public relations manager.

“Through Instagram, we do a social media blast where we have all of our members post a photo of an upcoming event to all of their personal followers, and we take advantage of all the platforms the app offers,” Leibman said. “We often use the Instagram live video feature and Instagram stories to gain more members. We often follow a mass amount of people who are students at the Bay.”

Liebman also said that in addition to social media apps, the organization’s website is very useful as well.

“We organize all of the events through the website, we do blogs on the website and we have a calendar with all of our upcoming events listed,” Liebman said. “Our website overall is really strong and has a definite impact in our communication to the student body at our school.”

Like other clubs, CBTV executive producer junior Taylor Fishman said she noticed Instagram to be their most popular means of communication through which they receive the most exposure.

“I think Instagram reaches out to the biggest audience because I have noticed that CBTV has been getting a lot of new followers,” Fishman said. “Many people that aren’t even a part of the club follow our account and see our posts.”

Fishman said social media is convenient because CBTV has the ability to reach out to a large audience at the same time, like alumni and other people in the community.

“We enjoy using Facebook to keep our alumni updated on all things CBTV and we use Twitter and Instagram to spread our program, Aftershock, to a bigger audience that is not just in Weston or Cypress Bay,” Fisherman said.