• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 21, 2021



“Young Sheldon”, a new series based off “The Big Bang Theory’s” own Sheldon Cooper, known as Jim Parsons, follows a nine-year-old boy, young sheldon, played by Iain Armitage. He lives in Texas where he tries to learn how to balance his intelligence and struggles with his social life. The pilot, airing on CBS, explained the difficulty of Sheldon’s adjustment to his differences.His strong capabilities in mathematics and science initiate his social limitations.This show gives the audience a sense of curiosity as to how Cooper will adjust to his surroundings in East Texas.“Young Sheldon” is an entertaining show that provides the audience with an intriguing backstory for Sheldon.This show illustrates a comedy genre that captivates the audience with thrill and humor.

Throughout episodes, Sheldon’s family makes the show more enthralling to watch, as there is a sufficient amount of humor that ties in the central theme of this new series. Cooper grows up with his parents, his twin sister and older brother.  Lance Barber plays his father, George, an aspiring football coach. This interest that the dad possess adds humor, as his son does not know anything about this sport. Annie Potts plays his mom, Meemaw, who, on the other hand, takes care of him and makes sure his abnormalities don’t stop him from adjusting to his town. The difference between how his mom and dad treat him, regarding his socialization disorder, builds character and portrays a sense of amusement. He lives with his twin sister named Missy, played by Raegan Revord, and his older brother Georgie, played by Montana Jordan. Both of these siblings give Cooper a difficult time adjusting to his differences since they do not have socialization issues. His family members provide an enchanting and humorous storyline that helps reenact how Sheldon Cooper is growing up, as a young kid whose intelligence takes over his life.

“Young Sheldon” is created as a prequel to “The Big Bang Theory” to attract viewers into watching a different version of how ‘young’ Sheldon grows up in Texas. Instead of Sheldon being older, the young child adds entertainment because of his genius and childlike behavior. This show helps explain the ways that he has become a genius as a young child. This series is a great way to teach a lesson on how to overcome one’s obstacles. His advanced mathematics and scientific reasoning is not always helpful throughout his life.

Sheldon’s obsessions for the scientific experiments elicit his socialization difficulties. “Young Sheldon” draws attention to viewers of those who watch the  “Big Bang Theory” as it captivates the audience into watching how a ‘young’ version of Cooper deals with his unique characteristics. The show is on every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. starring on CBS.