• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 21, 2021


Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream + Yogurt Lab, the new nitrogen ice cream shop located in Pembroke Pines, provides a whole new experience for first time customers. The ice cream shop creates a real life atmosphere of dining in a science laboratory. All employees wear white lab coats and chemistry beakers are stored on the shelves of the shop to embrace the science feel. This unique ice cream lab attracts customers by the creativity it has to offer.

The menu has a never-ending variety of options that include over 30 flavors of ice cream and well over 40 creative toppings that top off the perfect treat. Syringes filled with caramel, guava sauce, chocolate fudge, or condensed milk are added to each delicious creation if requested. Each customer can customize their meal however they may like. Every flavor of traditional, no sugar added or vegan ice cream comes in a yogurt option as well.

Not only can the custom-made ice cream be served in a cup, but there are also the options of a waffle cone, shake, cookie sandwich, sundae, waffle sandwich or a to go pint. The tasty treats vary in price with the small costing only $4.49 and the medium costing 60 cents more. Each serving option holds a sufficient amount of ice cream, which is more than expected when looking at the low prices.

In addition to the mouthwatering desserts, Brain Freeze’s shop has a comfortable, unique atmosphere to attract all customers. The store has plenty of round tables that can sit up to six guests, as well as added benches in the corners.  The unique bright walls are covered with words and scientific equations to add to the laboratory-like feel.

Brain Freeze is the only nitrogen ice cream store located in the Pembroke Pines area, which makes it exceptional for the location. Compared to other nitrogen ice cream shops, Brain Freeze excels in the amount creativity, which is proven by the atmosphere in their store. This ice cream shop is exceptional in comparison to others, for example like Chillin, because it has more options and integrates its theme better.

Overall, Brain Freeze’s creative twist, on any normal nitrogen shop certainly attracts customers daily. The countless amount of flavors and toppings cannot compare to any other nitrogen ice cream store. Not only is the ice cream and yogurt creations delicious, but also the atmosphere provides a fun and comfortable shop for all ages.