Students hold festive Halloween events



Throughout the month of October, numerous clubs at the Bay held Halloween-related events to celebrate the holiday. Many clubs base their larger events from holidays to make them more enticing to students.

Members of the Interact Club dressed up in costumes and went to the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center on Oct. 31 to read books, make cookies and work on Halloween crafts with the kids at the center.

“I was so excited for all of our members to go to the foundation and be able to hang out with all of the kids since it’s such a rewarding and memorable experience,” junior and event coordinator Sabrina Ure said. “I got to take on the task of coordinating this, which is exciting since it is a big event; I loved having the opportunity to make a difference.”

After a month of preparations, Ure said that she and the other club members were eager to go. At their meeting on Oct. 5, club members made “Boo Pops,” which are lollipops that were decorated to look like ghosts, to give to the kids at the rehabilitation center.

“People need to realize how much they can each individually impact other people’s lives; it’s the best feeling to put a smile on a kid’s face,” Ure said. “I thought these Boo Pops would brighten up their Halloween since they’re a fun version of lollipops.”

Ure said she and the rest of the members that attended had a great time with all of the kids.

“Members attended this event because it is such a rewarding experience and it was a major event for the club,” Ure said. “Everyone loved it, and we are so excited to go back and visit again.”

In addition to the Interact Club celebrating Halloween, Best Buddies also held a themed event. Since the Best Buddies chapter began at the Bay, it has hosted a Halloween dance every year. Buddies and members gathered in the Cafeteria for their Halloween social after school on Oct. 27 to eat, dance and participate in activities like mummy wrapping, cookie decorating and arts and crafts. Best Buddies Vice President of Membership Ryan Bush organized this social.

“I was so excited to run this event this year as it is a very popular event and is many students’ favorite of the year,” Bush said. “The Halloween dance is so enjoyable since there’s lots of dancing, candy and fun games for students to do with their buddies.”

Due to scheduling issues from Hurricane Irma, the event at the Bay was held after school instead of at night, so members called it a “social” instead of a “dance.”

“Even though this event was a little different than other years, we are still having similar booths to previous years with activities like mummy wrapping and cookie decorating,” Bush said. “The downside to having it after school is that nobody is able to dress up unless they bring their costume to school, but we still believe this event was a huge success.”

Members were also invited to attend a regional Best Buddies Halloween Dance at Cooper City High School on Oct. 25.  Bush said he was excited for the Bay’s chapter to attend the regional event and believes it was a good opportunity for both buddies and peer buddies to socialize.

“We have heard about this event for a while and believed that it will give buddies a chance to meet new people outside of the Bay,” Bush said.

Varsity Baseball Coach Paul Liotti asked members of his team to attend the Best Buddies social at the Bay to help them out. Sophomore and varsity first baseman Barrett Cruz attended the event to help and said it was an amazing experience.

“I’m not in Best Buddies, but as soon as I got to the event, everyone was so welcoming and excited to have us there,” Cruz said. “The kids were so sweet and it was so fun to be there and hang out with them.”

Cruz and the other baseball players were able to spend time with the buddies and get to know them while doing activities with them.

“I hung out with Justin, one of the buddies, during the event and we had such a great time,” Cruz said. “After only a few minutes, I was so inspired and decided I was going to join the club next year; I would love to be able to attend more events this year.”

Also acknowledging Halloween, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) held its annual “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” fundraiser to collect money for people around the world that need food, water and other resources. Each member in the Bay’s chapter of UNICEF was given an orange box in which to collect coins.

President and senior Camila Brooks said she was excited for the Bay’s UNICEF chapter to participate in this fundraiser. “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” was brought to the Bay the same year that UNICEF was established here.

“This fundraiser helps out kids who need more than candy,” Brooks said. “It really gets students thinking while they are going around getting candy and collecting money for those that have nothing. This fundraiser is a fun way to collect donations and it serves a good cause.”

Brooks said this fundraiser is typically very successful since all the UNICEF chapters around the world participate in it.  According to Brooks, with only one dollar, UNICEF is able to purchase pencils for a class of 30 students.

“This fundraiser is one of the biggest ones of the year for UNICEF as a nation, so we end up raising a lot of money, which is really great,” Brooks said. “All of this money is so beneficial to families in need and it’s such a great feeling to know that I contributed to it.”

Brooks said she believes this fundraiser is able to accumulate so much money since it takes place during Halloween.

“Having this fundraiser on Halloween makes it easier for students to collect money since they can bring their box with them while they trick or treat,” Brooks said. “Many students like to go door to door asking not only for candy but for donations as well and parents are almost always excited to donate since it’s for a good cause.”

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