Pumpkin spice fad sweeps over market


Although junior and Starbucks barista Matthew Liebman said he has had his fair share of seasonal-flavored drinks throughout the years, he said he still looks forward to the peak of the pumpkin spice fad during the fall. As various establishments stock up on pumpkin spice concoctions during the season, students at the Bay said they rush to indulge in the signature autumn trend.

“I like the trend because it’s something that’s not available all the time, so it reels in a lot of customer for Starbucks,” Liebman said. “The pumpkin spice chai latte is my favorite.”

Liebman said the trendiness of pumpkin spice can be seen through the drinks at Starbucks, which are only seasonally sold and marketed based on their limited supply of the products.

“The pumpkin spice trend is extremely good for Starbucks because it’s a season that Starbucks makes most of its capital,” Liebman said. “I think the yearly wait for the pumpkin drinks creates all the hype and makes customers want it more.”

Because pumpkin spice products are a rare commodity only sold once a year, senior Karen Izqueirdo said the demand for these items is currently at an all-time high.

“Pumpkin spice flavored items should be sold specifically for fall because having it all year round would just kill the excitement of it,” senior Karen Izquierdo said. “My friends and I always go to Starbucks before school, so when it’s pumpkin spice season we have something new to choose.”

Unlike Izquierdo, freshman Andres Ramirez, finds the pumpkin spice trend to be overrated. He said the hype over this particular flavor is insane and he doesn’t understand why everyone gets crazy over it every year.

“It fits well into the season, but it doesn’t necessarily shape the fall season,” Ramirez said. “I don’t think that it tastes as good as people hype it up to be.”

Besides the pumpkin spice flavored drinks, junior Ana Rodriguez said there are other products that fall behind the seasonal craze. She said the aroma of pumpkin spice has become a common, seasonal smell that she links to the holidays and personal experiences.

“Whenever fall comes, my mom buys this pumpkin spice air freshener that really just makes it feel like Thanksgiving,” Rodriguez said. “I just love the festive feeling it gives off, it is like a preparation for what’s soon to come, which is really exciting.”

Whether it be through drinks or scented fragrances, the pumpkin spice fad sweeps over the market during autumn. Liebman said he enjoys how it always seems to bring people swarming into Starbucks to take part in the trend.

“It’s something that always reappears, yet never gets old,” Liebman said. “The pumpkin spice trend is not just something I can enjoy, but something everyone else does which I can see through the popularity of the drinks at Starbucks.”


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