Girls soccer team holds tryouts for new season




The Lightning girls varsity soccer team held its tryouts on Oct.16 andOct.17 at Vista Park.Mariana Mazzocca, junior midfield player, said the team is looking to create a well-rounded and versatile roster in order to bring home a future state championship.

“We lost a lot of really talented seniors last year from all different positions,” Mazzocca said. “I think we’re mainly looking for players who are versatile and are able to adapt to uncomfortable positions.”

During tryouts, prospects had to fill out paperwork online beforehand to become eligible for tryouts. Following the paperwork, the potential players warm up and compete in scrimmages to qualify for a spot on the team.

“Tryouts are mainly for junior varsity (JV) players, because usually all the returning players are on varsity again,” Mazzocca said.

Although last year’s team failed to reach past the regional finals, the team is optimistic and is focusing towards its goal of securing a spot in the final four this season.

“We are hoping to get past the regional finals this year, which is where our season ended the past two years,” junior forward Samantha Texiara said. “We are also hoping to bond more as a team and create a comfortable environment for all of the players.”

Along with the team’s overall goals this season, individual team members are also setting personal goals to further improve their mentality and spirit.

“My personal goal for the upcoming season is to take as many shots as I can and help my team get to the final four,” Texiara said. “Getting to the final four would be a huge deal.”

The coaches said they are looking for determined, spirited, and hardworking prospects during tryouts.

“We had over 50 players come and tryout for the team,” Texiara said. “Coach Gordon and Coach Dwyer watch us play to see who catches their eye the most.”

According to Texiara, the experience of being apart of the school soccer team creates bonds and memories that last for years.

“Although we love to win, we also focus on bonding as a team and having fun playing the sport we love,” Texiara said. “The camaraderie between the girls is truly what I look forward to everyday at practice,” Mazzocca said.

The Lightning is striving towards its goal of making it to the state championship by practicing and emphasizing teamwork and chemistry.

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