National Art Honor Society hosts art week to promote awareness


Art Week at the Bay took place throughout the week of Oct. 9th and all students had the chance to participate in a variety of activities centered around awareness for the arts. National Art Honor Society adviser Bezzy Jenkins, assisted in hosting the week with the club.

“Whether it was the chalk memoir, the lunch activities, the daily announcements or the classroom activities, hopefully, we spread some information about the importance of the arts and raised awareness,” Ms. Jenkins said.

Throughout the week, art students drew chalk murals under the catwalk to showcase their skills. Sophomore Kayla Truske said she wishes the chalk-drawn memoirs that were drawn for art week were kept all year-round.

“I was amazed when I first saw these memoirs, since it displayed hidden talent artists at the Bay have,” Truske said. “This talent was out in the open for everyone to see, and Ithink their talent should always be shown.”

Besides the public displays of art, activities took place in art classes as well. AP drawing and AP 2D design teacher Amiee Sarajian’s students participated in an activity involving figure drawing of a student who volunteered to model for Mrs. Sarajin’s AP Art classes.

“Figure drawing from a live model is something colleges look for when submitting a portfolio with applications, so we try to include this in the AP course for the AP Drawing and the AP 2D design,” Mrs. Sarajian said. “This activity in class, for art was a great experience for the art students and the model.”

Sophomore Fabiana Carrillo, the model for Mrs. Sarajin’s class, said she volunteered to help others and fuel her curiosity regarding the life of the model considering she is usually the artist, since this time she was modeling instead of drawing.

“The experience really showed me that it’s not easy to pick a pose and keep it for a long time, which I did not take into account beforehand,” Carillo said.  “I also got to see the other artists work and how I look in everyone’s eyes, which led to it being a really fun experience. ”

Carrillo also said she learned a lot about what the art classes are really about, because of the informational activities provided during lunch that she participated in.

“Before Art Week, all I knew [about] was the art class I am currently in, but I did not know how much the arts really meant to the other people involved in them,” Carrillo said. “When I saw how intrigued some of the students were, when participating in these activities, I learned just how much the arts mean to them.”

During Art Week, there were daily announcements on the intercom regarding a different fact about the arts. Besides her love for the chalk memoirs, Truske also said these facts fulfilled her desire to constantly want to be learning something new.

“I learned something new every single day, which is the way I live my life,” Truske said. “I really enjoyed the facts they announced and looked forward to the daily dose of new information throughout that week.”


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