Photo club hosts annual event to expose students to different aspects of photography



On Nov. 8, the Bay’s Photo club hosted their annual Photo Phun Night event in room 160. Photo Club’s Executive Vice President senior Mollie Guerrero said that she believed Photo Phun Night to be a success and that the event was very informational for people who did not know much photography beforehand.

“I felt the event went really well,” Guerrero said. “I think this is due to certain promotional techniques used. Sure, I would have loved to see even more people attend, but compared to some previous years, there was a decent turnout.”

Guerrero said she and the other students on Photo Club’s executive board have been planning since the summer for this event.

“Before school starts, we focus on the broad idea of the event,” Guerrero said. “Then, when school starts in August, we begin planning all the specific details. This way, our entire board can physically plan it.”

The event was split up among stations, each demonstrating an aspect of photography that members of the photo club are taught. These included a darkroom station, a photoshop station, and an image transfer station.

“We have stations established so parents, students and friends are able to rotate between them throughout the night,” Guerrero said. “I enjoy the darkroom station, where people can go inside to process film and to create things called photograms. Many people do not understand what this is, as well as what image transfers are, because they don’t usually get to see how a dark room works; it’s hard to convey this on just social media.”

Senior Juliana Narvaez was one of the many students in attendance. Like Guerrero, her favorite station was the darkroom.

“Darkroom photography is personally my favorite type of photography because it really allows you to be creative in order to achieve the type of photo you want to get,” Narvaez said. “There are endless amounts of techniques to use in the darkroom and it’s just fun to experiment with new things and see how your photos come out.”

Narvaez said that although she’s been in photo club for all four years of high school, she had never attended a previous Photo Phun Night event.

“I figured that since it’s my last year, I should come out and support the club I’m in and have a new experience,” Narvaez said. “I believe that Photo Phun Night was amazing and everything was organized perfectly so everyone would have an opportunity to do what they wanted to.”

Art and Photo teacher Elizabeth Jenkins, the Photo Club Sponsor, said she is very proud of Photo Club for the great job they did in collecting donations for the event.

“[Members] have gotten sponsors to support the cause, as the event is a fundraiser, as well as promoted the event,” Mrs. Jenkins said. “They also had to get their images ready to present and they have to prepare supplies.”

Public Relations Officer of Photo Club, sophomore Paola Diaz, said the board played their part as well for getting donations.

“Part of our initial planning for Photo Phun Night was collecting money to fund the event,” Diaz said. “We had to call up different restaurants to receive donations.”

Mrs, Jenkins said that the goal of the event was to let people outside of Photo Club see all the things they could do with photography.

“We showed snippets of photo aspects to everyone that came,” Mrs. Jenkins said. “People tend to believe that regular photography is dying out, especially the darkroom for developing photos. It isn’t, the dark room is still a utilizable tool and we wanted to spread awareness of that, in addition to the beauty of the arts and photo. Overall, this event went well and I’m proud of the turn of events.”




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